Netflix and chill?

It's a safe bet many couples who are cannabis enthusiasts will spend Valentine's Day just so. But for weed-loving sweethearts wanting a more ambitiously romantic experience, there are some options. Here are four ways to spend V-Day with your honey and some bud.

Rub It Up

Rob Wright noticed when cannabis-infused massage oil helped his aches and pains. As a state-licensed massage therapist, he often experimented on his friends, whose lifestyles frequently left them too sore to report to work the next day.

In under an hour, he worked the oil into a guitarist friend's muscles. The friend went to work two hours later. Stories like this are common, but Wright was careful about offering this service publicly until legalization in July 2015.

Now armed with tins of Bud Rub, Wright is looking to help more people move better.

"This is a thing, it's safe, you're not going to have a crazy psychoactive experience," he says. "It really is therapeutic."

Though marijuana's federal classification as a Schedule I drug prevents most study, Wright is confident his anecdotal experiences are valid. Patients talk of a "fluffiness" to their muscles after a cannasage (sorry!) lasting far longer than typical body work, sometimes into the next day.

Wright reports that no one has ever tested positive after seeing him, but hasn't thought to ask about the more intimate experiences an all-over body fluffiness could improve. Good thing we experimented after our own budsage, and can report we just wanted to snuggle. $5 per 30 minutes added to regular massage price.

Go on a Tour

Franco's Finest is fresh off festival awards for its oil and flower, but isn't resting on its laurels. Thanks to upgraded equipment and a new office, Franco and company are looking to expand their Fun Bus tours, starting with two separate events on Valentine's Day weekend.

The Sweetheart Afternoon Tour, meant for couples, includes gift bags for everyone—possibly one or two items for the night ahead. The Singles Evening Tour is more of a typical Franco's Finest excursion, with dabs, gift bags and snacks for all. Space is limited. Afternoon tour: 1-4 pm Saturday, Feb. 14; $178 a couple. Evening tour: 6-9 pm Saturday, Feb. 14; $98 per person.

Get Artsy

Heidi Keys' Denver-based cannabis-powered art class, now available monthly in Portland and weekly in Seattle, is taking creativity a step further with a Valentine's Day event.

Hosted by Prism House owner Sam Montanaro, whose previous event sold out and had a waiting list, the class aims to help participants create at least one piece to take home.

Art supplies, light appetizers, and refreshments will be provided—attendees are encouraged to bring their own cannabis and toking instruments. Vape pens are most common, but don't be afraid to bring your trusted pipe or bong. $50.


World Famous Cannabis Cafe, located in the decidedly "Old Portland" Foster-Powell neighborhood, is offering a slice of "fresh yet slightly nostalgic sound" from Tribe Mars the Saturday of Valentine's Day weekend.

Tribe Mars, consisting of a "guerrilla faction of freedom fighters combating tyranny and systemic oppression with music and values inherited from wise Martian elders," released a four-track digital download along with two singles through Bandcamp in summer 2015.

WFCC's Chef Kelly, making a name for himself with fresh-cut fries and cinnamon bread pudding, will offer one surprise dinner special that evening to complement the activist-meets-alien vibe.

Expect attendees from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, plenty of shared joints, the best dabtender in town behind the dab bar, and lots of love from the only place that greets visitors with the phrase "Welcome home." 8 pm Saturday, Feb. 13. $10.