1035 SE Tacoma St, 503-206-7266, greenoasiscannabis.org, 10 am-9 pm Monday-Saturday, 12 pm-5 Sunday

This house-turned-dispensary is Sellwood's first and only pot shop. It's also where you should bring your grandma. The shop originally opened as a medicinal dispensary—complete with an in-house doctor—and most clients are still medical. Green Oasis' intention is to be discreet, so middle-aged neighbors can grocery shop at New Seasons before picking up a gram of Gorilla Glue #4. Selection is small, with only about one dozen strains, but a well-informed budtender is there to give you the detailed lowdown on each. Grams go for $10, including tax. Pro tip? CBD fans should check out the CBD taffy, which contains no THC.