2145 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-719-5665, jaynepdx.com. 10 am-8 pm Sunday-Monday, 10 am-10 pm Tuesday-Saturday.

If you want Pinterest-worthy pot shopping, Jayne is your gal. From topiaries to patterned wallpaper to joints in a vintage picture frame, this well-coiffed store is probably the most adorable in Portland. The place is huge, with a waiting area like the downtown Hotel Monaco and multiple shelves of glass, branded T-shirts, roll-up rubber bongs and "wake-n-bake" handmade mugs. The medical list is long: tons of edibles, canisters and topicals, but the staff seems best-versed in flower. Pick from a list of half- or full-gram pre-rolls, which top out at $12, or take the budtenders' advice about mixing strains and get a smorgasbord of mainstay picks, including Girl Scout Cookies and Medi Kush.