6714 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-477-5083, panaceapdx.com. 11 am-8 pm Monday-Saturday, 11 am-5 pm Sunday.

More than a few dispensaries around town dabble in visual arts, adorning walls with bright and trippy odes to smoke, nature or cannabis itself. This Rose City locale raises the ante on dispensary-gallery hybrids, boasting wide waiting-room walls stacked with original art, and more pieces in the sequestered shop floor. The flower selection leaned anemic, and the mood struck me as more galleryesque than the friendly neighborhood reefer keepers we've come to expect at fine dispensaries across this fair city. Ultimately, these are minor quibbles, and Panacea has plenty going for it. With improved selection and display, the shop is well-situated to anchor mid-Northeast's weed needs, and I want to reiterate the gallery idea is terrific and I hope it catches on. Also, Bacchi's Italian deli is across the street so you can nibble gabagool while perusing the paintings, and imagine you're in Florence—Italy, not Oregon.