Here's where to find a copy of the Potlander in Southeast. Click over to another list if you're looking in North/Northeast or the Westside.

Powell's Books, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

3 Friends Coffee, 201 SE 12th Ave.

Albina Press, 5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Apex, 1216 SE Division

Attis Trading Company, 2606 SE Gladstone

Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd,

Bailey's The Upper Lip, 720 SE Ankeny St.

Basecamp, 61 SE Oak St.

Bazi Bierbrasserie, 1522 SE 32nd

Beermongers, 1125 SE Division

Bipartisan Cafe, 7901 SE Stark

Blue Sky of Portland,7 29 SE Powell Blvd

Bridge City Collective, 215 SE Grand Ave.

Brothers Cannabis Club, 3609 SE Division St.

Buckman Botanical Brewing, 909 SE Yamhill,

Buckman Cannabis, 128 SE 121th Ave.

Burnside Brewing, 701 East Burnside,

Canna-Daddy's Wellness Center, 16955 SE Division

Cannabliss Portland, 1917 SE 7th Ave.

Cascade Barrel House/Racoon Lodge, 939 SE Belmont,

Cheese Bar, 6031 SE Belmont

Coava Coffee Roasters, 1300 SE Grand Ave

Coffee Cat 4103 SE Woodstock

Coffee Division, 3551 SE Division

Coffee Lovers, 4144 SE 60th Ave

Coffeehouse Northwest, 1951 W. Burnside

Common Grounds, 4321 SE Hawthorne

Commons, 1810 SE 10th Ave.

Conquistador, 2045 SE Belmont.

Doug Fir, 830 E. Burnside

Earthy Herbs,16323 SE Stark

Farma, 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Floyd's Coffee, 1414 SE Morrison St.

Foster Buds, 5522 SE Foster Blvd.

Gigantic, 5224 SE 26th Ave.

Grand Central, 7987 SE 13th Ave.

Gras, 621 SE 7th Ave.

Green Dragon, 928 SE 9th Ave.

Green Gratitude,10322 SE Holgate Blvd.

Green Oasis, 1035 SE Tacoma St.

Hair of the Dog, 651 SE Water Avenue,

Harvester, 715 SE Lincoln St,

Hawthorne Hophouse, 4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd.,

Holgate Station, 4507 SE 27th

Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell.,

Horse Brass, 4534 SE Belmont,

Human Collective II,9220 SW Barbur Blvd Suite 107

Hungry Heart, 414 SE 80th Ave.

Imperial Bottle Shop, 3090 SE Division,

K & F Coffee, SE 26th & Clinton

Kaleafa, 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd

Kaya Shack, 1719 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Kenilworth Coffeehouse, 3713 SE Gladstone

La Mota, 7435 SE 52nd Ave.

Little T Bakery, 2600 SE Division

Local Herb Collective,15948 SE Division St.

Lucky Lab, 915 SE Hawthorne,

Medijuana4U,8135 SE Woodstock Blvd.,

Natian, Couch & NE Sandy Blvd.

New Deal Distillery, 900 SE Salmon

Oregon Grown Gift Shop, 332 SE 82nd Ave.

Pakalolo,1528 SE Holgate Blvd.

Palio, 1996 SE Ladd

Panacea,6714 SE Powell

Papacino, 4441 SE Woodstock

Portland Extracts, 2123 SE Division

Powell House Cannabis Club, 5311 SE Powell Blvd

Powellhurst Alternative Medical Center, 12550 SE Division St.

Progressive Collective, 9810 E. Burnside St.

Puddletown, 8201 SE Powell Blvd. Suite F.

Pure Green, 3738 NE Sandy Blvd

Rip City Remedies, 3325 SE Division St

Rose City Oreganics, 5918 SE 89th Ave.

Shango Farms, 8056 SE Harold St.

Space Monkey, 5511 SE 72ND AVE

Space Room/Genies, 4800 SE Hawthorne,

Speedboat Coffee, 5115 SE Foster

Starbucks, 3639 SE Hawthorne

Starbucks, 7001 SE Milwaukie

Stoney Brothers Premium Cannabis,7827 SE Powell Blvd.

Stumptown, 4525 SE Division

Stumptown, 3356 SE Belmont

Sweet Leaf Illusions,8434 SE 82nd Ave.

The Belmont Collective,2036 S.E. Belmont St.

The Green Remedy,12447 SE Powell Blvd.

The Nest, 2715 SE Belmont,

The Portland Canna Connection, 1515 SE 46th Ave.

The Side Door, 4256 SE Washington,

Tiny's Coffee, 1412 SE 12th

True Brew, 3370 SE Milwaukie

Ugly Mug Coffee, 8017 SE 13th

White Fly, 7421 SE Powell Blvd.

Yo Mamas Coffee, 6504 SE Foster