Recalling fresh salad greens with light lemon vinaigrette, this strain's aroma won't win any awards, but it did wrap our back pain in a warm blanket without sleepiness.

Afghani-Bull-Rider_4AFGHANI BULL RIDER

Smooth skunk with a lemon pine tinge up front, this bulbous bud provided a light head high starting the cheekbones and setting in our forehead crown, with a calming, stoney haze that had us alternating between stretching and recovering on the couch.

Misty-Bubble-Reno_1MISTY BUBBLE

It hits hard and heavy in the body by releasing muscle tension and soothing overworked areas, while crushing stress with a potent wave of euphoria. Be prepared for giggle fits and straight-up wackiness if you try to fight the sandman. Let's get weird!