You Just Bought Some Weed. Now What?

By Lauren Terry with Samuel Grosz, Esq.

If you're reading this, you're going to buy some weed.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but if you were curious enough to pick up something called the Potlander, you'll end up in a shop. Or maybe you're about to get that daily eighth.

In either case, you'll soon be walking out of the shop with legal weed in your pocket. However gratifying the state law-abiding transaction may be, there are plenty of things you could do next that would make it illegal. There are also a few things you probably didn't know you could do.

(Note: This is not legal advice. If you have questions, consult an attorney.)

You can go buy more cannabis, but not too much. At least not today. The daily allowance is up to four juvenile plants and up to 7 grams of smokable flower. But that's per store. Go to the one 1,000 feet down the Green Mile, and it's a new day.

You can have an ounce of cannabis on you in public or 8 ounces in your own home. Medical patients can have more.

You can write off medical marijuana purchases on your state taxes. Sadly, you can't write off medical marijuana purchases on your federal taxes.

You can take medicine at work—we're not sure if you can take marijuana to work, but you typically can't be high at work.

You can invite 500 guests to a smokeout at your place, but you can't charge those guests to smoke at your place.

You can smoke, dab or vape at home or at a friend's house, but you might not be allowed to do so in your apartment, depending on what the property owner says.

If you light up your pre-rolled joint in front of a dispensary, they will probably ask you to leave, but feel free to light up your pre-rolled joint in your backyard, so long as you're out of public sight.

You cannot legally smoke or vape anything in a Portland city park—even boring ol' tobacco.

You can give hash oil to your friends who are over 21, but you can't sell hash oil to your friends, even when they offer to pay Washington prices.

You can drive to Boring, Ore., with weed in your pocket, but forgetting to empty your pocket before a drive to Weed, Calif., could get you in trouble with the feds.

You can fly out of PDX with weed, since TSA agents are not looking for it. But you cannot legally land with it in another state. If you're flying to Bend or Ashland, though, everything is totally legal.

You can serve marijuana brownies to friends, but make sure you tell them what's in them.

You can smoke in your car, but not on the highway.

Gov. Kate Brown signed a law March 29 allowing edibles to be sold to recreational customers—except the Oregon Health Authority hasn't figured out how to treat such sales and hasn't said when it will.

When edible sales start, expect up to 5 milligrams of THC in a single serving, and up to 50 mg per package. Those limits are lower than in Washington and Colorado, by about half.