2331 SW 6th Ave., 971-255-1758, zioncannabis.com. 10 am-10 pm daily.

Zion does well given its proximity to Portland State University. Just across the interstate from campus—and, perhaps more importantly, the Cheerful Tortoise karaoke dive—this unfussy shop caters to students and their visiting friends. The vibe is chill. One small counter has mini jars of flower for whiffing, a basic supply of edibles and shatter, and a bowl of micro-mini glass pieces for $3. Prices cater to the college budget, with $4 pre-rolls, ever-changing specials and quarters for around $TK. The walls hang rotating local artwork, and an IKEA-style glass display holds pipes and bongs that are elaborate, if not top-shelf quality. The staff here might look like students themselves, but they're eager to give expert advice, especially on terpenes, the shop's area of expertise. There are even info sheets detailing caryophyllene that look a lot like Bio 101 study guides.