New to Edibles and Concentrates? Here's Where to Start.

Weed writer Tyler Hurst's favorite edibles and concentrates for newbies.

At long last, any adult in Oregon can now buy edibles and concentrates.

Well, there's a lot out there—thousands of products, really.

Where to start? Here are six products we like that are good for newbies.

And if you're ready to get more serious, check out this story about the time I consumed 430 milligrams of THC in 48 hours of consuming nothing but cannabis-infused foodstuffs.



Two grams of this sugar has 10 milligrams of THC in it, meaning you're starting your day with a half-gram joint. The $4 packet tastes like nothing but sweetness, and we're looking forward to seeing CBD options.


Drip Ice Cream

These little tubs of artisan ice cream filled with 15 mg THC are what Ben and Jerry would make if they weren't sellouts. This local, all-woman-run company even thought to include dosage recommendations on the outside of the cup, making this $10 treat an ideal date option.


Leif Medicinals all-CBD truffle

There's nothing psychoactive in this, just good ol' anxiety-reducing, pain-busting CBD, so feel free to chow down on the entire package. Its 35 mg CBD also works to reduce THC's effects, making this $16 option a good choice to have on hand for newbies who feel a little too high.

(Rick Vodicka) (Rick Vodicka)

CO2 Company Vape Cartridge

No, these aren't the cloud-producing monsters everyone hates. Filled with 100 percent cannabis oil and requiring a rechargeable battery ($15), this is what you'll see all the cool kids discreetly sipping when they think no one is looking. Available in throwaway cartridges by the half-gram ($30) and full gram ($50). Try the CBD options first.

Transdermal Patches (Mary's Medicinals,

Applying directly to the forehead is not necessary here. Made for chronic pain sufferers looking for accurate dosing and time-release (sorta) options, these infused stickers are designed to keep cannabinoids flowing through you all day. Forget about licking these $20-ish happy patches, though.

Coconut Oil Capsules (House option or Dr. Guerrilla)

Available at most dispensaries in varying THC and CBD blends, infused coconut oil can be eaten or slathered where it hurts. Made from the exact stuff used to infuse many baked goods, these $3-to-$5 options are perfect for running, hiking or cycling recovery without drowsiness or unnecessary sugar. They don't travel well, but deserve a space alongside vitamins or the medicine cabinet.

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