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Brandon King Created Portland's Best Badass Joint-Rolling Machine

“This is the joint roller that Ron Swanson would use,” a budtender at Southeast Belmont’s Serra dispensary told us.

"This is the joint roller that Ron Swanson would use," a budtender at Southeast Belmont's Serra dispensary told us.

Each pre-roll joint at Serra is rolled in front of you, on what looks like a fancy wooden jewelry box. Local Brandon King's oak and walnut rollers are assembled by hand, and many come with a stash drawer for bud, tobacco and rolling papers.

During a family estate sale, King discovered his grandfather's antique cigarette roller from the '50s, and used it to roll a few solid J's with his dad. The joints looked just like packaged cigarettes—in tight little tubes.

In honor of Granddad and his cigarette roller, King and his father set out to create their own luxury line of rollers, under the family name: King Rollers. Their hope is to create a new generation of keepsakes, in a newly legalized world where a beautiful joint roller can be kept on the coffee table like an antique globe. You can buy them at Serra or kingrollers.com.

"The idea behind these rollers," King says, "is to create something like my grandfather's roller, that can hold up and be passed down through generations."