Try Fighting Depression with These Five Cannabis Strains

You can then examine a strain’s composition to find terpenes and cannabinoids offering symptom-specific relief for you.

By Janelle Albukhari

Like a seesaw from hell, depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. They're two disorders on the mental health spectrum that are often comorbid, meaning they have a tendency to crop up simultaneously in patients. Since depression isn't "one size fits all," one of the best ways to conquer it is to break it down into a list of treatable symptoms. You can then examine a strain's composition to find terpenes and cannabinoids offering symptom-specific relief for you.

Here are my top five local strains for managing depression on a long-term basis. Keep in mind that clinical depression is a serious medical condition that should not be taken lightly. We strongly recommend consulting a physician if you believe you are clinically depressed and talk to them about whether you should use cannabis as a part of your treatment.

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1. Jillybean

24.9% THC, 0.07% CBD

Oregon's Finest, 1327 NW Kearney St., 971-254-4765,

An upbeat and happy hybrid, Jillybean addresses a variety of depressive symptoms, including pain, stress and fatigue. Strains high in the terpene limonene work wonderfully as mood enhancers, and Jillybean is full of that sweet, powerful citrus smell, so you know it's a winner from the get-go.

A bowl of this induces a fit of the giggles, though I have to say they're pretty productive giggle sessions. I feel creative and smiley without feeling too recklessly euphoric.

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2. Girl Scout Cookies #12

22.23% THC, 0.08% CBD

Attis Trading Company, 2606 SE Gladstone St., 971-544-7685,

This batch left me writing strain notes like this: "I'm very smiley. Update: Now giggling. Can't stop. Contagiously good mood."

It's a hybrid that specializes in mind-bending euphoria complete with full-body relaxation. The high CBG content—a cannabinoid with strong anti-inflammatory properties—makes it well-suited for dealing with pains, aches and appetite loss.

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3. Shishkaberry

22.26% THC, 0.39% CBD

Fresh Buds PDX, 110 SE Main St., 503-477-4261.

One of the worst aspects of depression, insomnia, is generally treated with the use of an indica-dominant strain. The danger here, though, is that indicas often cause "couch lock," which can be difficult for patients with low or waning energy levels.

Packed with a strong berry smell that reminded me of Starburst, Shishkaberry works wonders for insomnia, lack of appetite and pain management. This strain managed to turn the normal indica experience on its head for me: It starts off slow with a nice, mental buzz that's rife with energy and slowly works its way down to a heavier, more relaxed state.

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4. Dutch Treat

25.10% THC, 1.52% CBD

Treehouse Collective, 2419 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-894-8774,

This sativa-dominant hybrid smells so good that just opening the bottle is a constant source of delight to me. At 25.10 percent THC, it's on the higher end of the THC spectrum with a sweet, piney smell that's downright irresistible. It's a "take a load off" strain with an uplifting, gentle head high that visibly calms and improves your mood, making it easy to see why patients turn to Dutch Treat to cope with perpetual stress.

5. Tangerine Power

23.45% THC, 0.08% CBD

Rip City Remedies, 3325 SE Division St., 503-235-6000,

While you could argue that the primary components of depression can be loosely categorized as exhibiting a low mood, lack of energy, and other physical effects like insomnia, one of the most debilitating tolls depression takes is on your creativity.

A powerful strain that's ideal for creative types who want to stay functional, this citrus-heavy hybrid not only combats ailments common to depression like migraines and nausea, but infuses a heavy dose of creativity into the user. All it takes is less than a bowl's worth before I want to paint, draw, write—anything to capitalize on the flurry of exciting new thoughts.

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