Last October, Oregon officially legalized the sale of recreational cannabis after a successful 56 percent "yes" vote on Measure 91.

However, the law allowed counties and cities to opt out of legalization. And some have: 87 cities and 19 counties chose not to legalize.

A year after sales began, we decided to map out the areas of Oregon still living under prohibition. And, as a service to all those who find themselves in one, the nearest dispensaries from those red zones.


A. Scappoose; B. Forest Grove; C. Cornelius; D. Fairview;

E. Oregon City, Wilsonville, West Linn, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, Damascus, Happy Valley; F. Sandy; G. Maupin; H. Shaniko; I. Manzanita; J. Junction City; K. Coburg; L. Creswell; M. Myrtle Point; N. Grants Pass; O. Shady Cove; P. Eagle Point; Q. Medford; R. Jacksonville


1. The Flowershop, 56821 Columbia River Highway, Warren. 5 miles from Scappoose.

2. Mahalo, 353 SW Walnut St., Hillsboro. 6 miles from Forest Grove. 3 miles from Cornelius.

3. Go to Portland for a dispensary if you live in Oregon City, Wilsonville, Sherwood, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Damascus, Fairview, Happy Valley or Sandy.

4. Bloom Well, 1814 NE Division St., Bend. Go here if you're visiting Bend from the east.

5. High Desert Dispensary, 1825 Highway 97, Madras. 49 miles away from Maupin. 39 miles from Shaniko.

6. La Mota, 158 N Highway 101, Rockaway Beach. 12 miles from Manzanita.

7. The Herbal Connection, 463 River Ave., Eugene. 12 miles from Junction City.

8. Nectar Cannabis, 340 River Road, Eugene. 10 miles from Coburg. 17 miles from Creswell.

9. Herbal Choices Dispensary, 63247 Troller Road, Charleston. 30 miles from Myrtle Point.

10. Rogue Valley Cannabis, 6388 Crater Lake Ave., Central Point. 15 miles from Shady Cove. 5 miles from Eagle Point.

11. Breeze Botanicals, 315 2nd Ave., Gold Hill. 13 miles from Medford. 11 miles from Jacksonville. 18 miles from Grant Pass.