Strain of the Week: Golden Ticket

The bright citrus and lemon notes, piney goodness and fresh black pepper is like aromatherapy.

By Carlos Swan

When I broke open the Golden Ticket nugs and began rolling the pieces between my fingers, bright citrus and lemon notes exploded from within: It was like aromatherapy. Next came a good whiff of piney goodness and fresh black pepper.

This cut by Lucky Lion is a unique strain because it's a phenotypic variation of the badass Sativa-dominate hybrid Chernobyl. This is a spicy sweet treat that will get your feet moving and brain ticking—the kind of get-up-and-go we all need on a sunny Sunday in the middle of summer.

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The terpenes in this hog are not shy when it comes to shining bright for our senses. The most apparent is limonene, which explains the lemon zest flavor and pungent smell. My nose and taste buds detected the people's terpene, Pinene, known for its stress-free capabilities and invigoration. The slight spicy flavor also hint at some adequate levels of Caryophyllene in the profile, which may or may not have caused a sense of lightness and calm in my body. Ultimately, the taste was sharp and sweet, but overall the smoke was clean as a damn whistle.

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My buzz was clear-headed and upbeat. I had the album Peace. Love. Death Metal. by the Eagles of Death metal up loud as I cruised around the house like it was Saturday Night Fever, trying to juggle chores, required reading and top secret creative endeavors. The rockabilly riffs, heavy drum beats and wild man lyrics had my brain electrified. Soon the rush faded into a Zen-like focus and I found myself in the office getting down to the important business of pondering some Sherman Alexie.

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You can find Golden Ticket at Burk Brothers Cannabis Company,

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