By Carlos Swan

I escaped the heat of the city with an adventure to the nude beach on Sauvie Island this weekend. After lots of time spent sitting in a car for a out of state wedding road trip and a flight to the east coast to see Maine and back, my body needed one more beach day before work starts again.

I saw the indica dominant hybrid Skywalker OG at the weed shop on the way out of town and knew this was my ticket to hop mental galaxies for the day. Why not? Seven bucks is worth the ride.

Truth be told I picked this strain because I wanted a low powered relaxing variety. Something with a solid body buzz and euphoric mind state. I found a low powered batch with 16.67% THC and 0.27% CBD from Oregon Grown Gift Shop on 82nd ave. Truth be told I wanted to blast off, but I also wanted to take my friends along too. Hyper sleep was out of the question. Being lifted was key, not pie eyed and lost in the breeze.

The nugs are outdoor grown and I love this! The leaves have a golden tint which is highlighted by hearty burnt orange hairs. The dense cloudy trichomes hint at stoney goodness. The Jedi herb beams from it's packaging and could be a bust in the hall of fame if voted in on aroma alone. The buds crumble perfectly and sharp woody, citrus, fuel and sweet notes escape in all directions. I'm confident in saying I detect the terpenes limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. The uplift accompanied by an attitude adjustment and lingering calmness was further evidence of which. On top of that, the smoke was surprisingly smooth out of my handy old pipe.

The group consensus was that the strain was not heady at all! Sometimes that can be overstimulating at the beach, especially the nude portion. It was a calm body buzz that paired well with cheap beers, Italian deli sandwiches, salty chips, fierce talking and reminiscing about prior Sauvie Island expeditions. The only bad part was how I got caught camping on the bowl. I found it was hard to realize my bad habit until I was on a beach with topless friends and cool strangers. Shame!