By Carlos Swan

Born from the strains Afghani and OG Kush, this week's strain of the week is Obama Kush grown by Humble Buds, or what I like to call it, "Purple Sticky Punch." Sometimes in the cannabis world, I find myself saying "anything purple is good," and I'm not sure I'm wrong. Once a friend of mine told me that "purple strains made them stupid, in the best ways possible." One may not understand what that means, so getting a gram or two of Obama would be a good way to find out.

Ripping open the bag was a little stressful for me because I didn't want to harm the fine nug in all it's glory. What a looker! There is so much purple I forget there are even green leaves under that bright coat of chunky caramel trichomes and fuzzy red hairs. Looking it over for the 44th time, I realize its true beauty, something fierce like the muse goddess herself. Or sharp, slick and sassy like the purple prince. They call them flowers for a reason. Meow!

Breaking one of the chunky buds in half lets the aroma flood gates wide open. The smell of sweet berries and earthy notes are the most intense. The juiciness almost tricks you into to taking a bite out of the buds. The earthiness makes me believe there is solid levels of the woody and earthy terpene, humulene. This is where the iconic "kushy" smell starts to form. The high-powered sweetness is coming from a combo of the terpenes myrcene and limonene. My guess is that is that there is a larger amount of limonene compared to myrcene, which would explain its more stimulating and euphoric effects. The balance of this with the bright body high is kick ass.

After two or three bong rips, your mind will go to another place. A place outside the realm of normal highness. Nothing scary, but more like a warm hug and vision from the third eye. In my minds eye, I realize it's holy of the holy. I wouldn't call this a "night night" strain or couch lock trap. This funny-acting indica invigorates me and gets my mind juking and jiving. I also enjoyed the loosey-goosey body vibes. This was the perfect stain to chill out, watch Beyonce kill it on MTV VMA's and then wash it all down with an episode of Stranger Things.