By Carlos Swan

I picked the hybrid WiFi OG strain for it's versatility. Combining Fire OG and The White, it's typically known to be 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica.

I've smoked this strain several times, and remember it fondly as socially stimulating and a musical booster—the beats of the heart and the classic rock groove just seem to hit a little deeper.

On first glance, WiFi looks like a bushy little darling, with long, orange hairs creeping from it's core. The leaves have beautiful green and golden undertones, with some spots of purple tips. Call it a candy coating of trichomes that would make even the green M&M blush. So flossy!

The aroma was redonkulous: a potent mix of sharp, earthy and woody notes with a familiar musty smell, reminiscent of the Girl Scout Cookies strain because of the OG Kush lineage. The sweet and invigorating piney tones bring to mind the Ponderosa pine trees outside Bend. The terpene Pinene is the strongest from my recollection.

The smoke was clean like Myers hand soap. My co-samplers also noticed light citrus undertones—what a complicated set of smells. Even after a fat bowl, the lungs feel clear and ready for a nature walk.

The nugs burn slow and sweet. I enjoyed watching the flames do their work, as the trichomes sizzled like fat slabs of bacon on the camp fire. After a few bowls, the volume on our conversations got lounder and the Tom Petty playing on the jam box jumped a few notches up too.

Truth be told, sitting around didn't last long. The WiFi got us off our little bums and ready to shake it like a Polaroid picture in the woods. We got down on flipping cow pies for magic mushrooms, crossing logs over a creek, collecting fire wood and general goofing off in the high desert sun and fresh air near Government Camp.

Overall this was a great active strain for camping and being in the outdoors as the summer comes to an end. One last dance with Mary Jane in the woods? I'm in.