These Are the Nine Cannabis Products We're Excited About Right Now

Tangerine Dream fruit gummies and an oil blend that gives you a boost of energy and rebalancing of spirit—welcome to fall.

By Carlos Swan

Marley Natural Essential Oil Blend

$26 via Serra

This roll-on topical is a functional alternative to getting high, but still has the invigorating and calming effects of cannabis. The senses will be activated to the full degree with one whiff. The potent blend of herbal ingredients includes bergamot, grape, geranium, sesame oil and sun-grown cannabis sativa oil from Applegate Valley Organics. Rub a little on the temples or back of the neck or between the wrists for a boost of energy and rebalancing of spirit.

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Endless Organics RSO

$30 per gram via Home Grown Apothecary

The taste of this resinous Rick Simpson oil settles on earthiness and strong coffee. A one-gram dripper contains 674 milligrams of THC and 2.6 milligrams of CBD and blends well with hot tea or coffee. A little goes a long way. Within an hour the strong euphoric and pain-relieving effects take hold. Breathe easy as your body unwinds and then some. Squeezing out the tiniest drop (the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen) onto a thumbnail is a sufficient starting dose of this powerful medicine. It's made in-house with organic cannabis grown on the company's farm near Mount Hood. Trust the medicine!

Oregrown Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies

BHO Shatter

$50 per gram via Bridge City Collective SE (where, full disclosure, I work)

This dab stands alone. The concentrates coming from Bend's Oregrown Industries are superior and making a racket across the state. This golden butane hash oil shatter glows on the parchment paper and stinks so good. Every dab (76.01 percent THC, 0.40 percent CBD) is clean and full of flavor and provides penetrating relaxation. Stress will be zapped from the back of your eyeballs, much like the feeling when an ice cream headache goes away. This is the weight of the world slipping away.

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Cannavore Tangerine Dream Fruit Gummy

$5 via Five Zero Trees

There is zero cannabis taste here—I love the light and sweet flavor of the tangerine, which has the right amount of citrus twang. One could easily eat a handful before realizing they are infused with 13.9 mg of Durban Poison grown by TJ's Organic Provisions out of Eugene. Use it for a mini pick-me-up in the afternoon or for a little added pop to a workout. The experience is more stimulating than intoxicating.

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Bandits Oil Manufacturing CO2 Cartridge

$25 per half gram via Mindrite

This cartridge (63.25 percent THC, 4.17 percent CBN, 3.13 percent CBG and 3.26 percent CBC) puts flavor and effects first. The extraction process leaves more fats in the end product, which in turn produces higher percentages of cannabinoids and terpenes. This product is proof that the benefits of cannabis don't rest solely on the properties of THC and CBD. One pull of the Grand Daddy Purple left my mouth watering and senses settling. It tasted like I had just smoked a fat nugget of GDP from a pipe. Plant material used in the extraction process is grown sustainably in the beautiful sun of Eastern Oregon.

Pachecos Mazzies

$30 via Serra

Made with premium flower grown by Eco Firma Farms in West Linn, these hand-rolled, filtered joints are a few notches above the rest. That cigarette-style filter is the game changer as far as rollies go. The craftsmanship makes smoking joints more enjoyable. The fusion of Dutch Passion Blueberry produces a chill blend of herbal vapors. Puff in confidence knowing the flower used in these joints is rolled with clean green-certified greenery.

Leif Medicinals Mint Hibiscus Dark Chocolate Bar

$7.50 via Pure Green

This is your new chill pill. It tastes as if a carton of chocolate mint ice cream got in a wrestling match with a hibiscus flower. Snack in confidence knowing the flower used to make the extract in the bar was grown in Portland, Oregon. The dark chocolate is made with full-extract cannabis oil, and the effects suggest as much. With 11.5 mg THC, 15.1 mg CBD and 0.8 mg CBC, this little square packs a relaxing punch. Get ready for serene mood vibrations.

Cannananda CO2 Cartridge, Island Sweet Skunk

$38 per gram via Uplift Botanicals

Anchored by clean green-certified cannabis and a state-of-the-art extraction process that leaves higher ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes, Cannananda in Portland is creating deeper, more meaningful experiences with cannabis. For a sativa, this Island Sweet Skunk had a whooping 8.52 percent CBD to go along with 1.02 percent CBC, 1.26 percent CBN and 0.99 percent CBG. Ultimately, it was a full-spectrum high with the head being elevated and tension escaping from the body. The experience produced a strong boost of calm energy and inspiration.

Siskiyou Sungrown RSO

$30 via Farma

The meditational benefits of this tree sap-like substance extends far and wide. The sun-grown cannabis used in the RSO is grown in Williams, Ore., surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains. Two of the best uses for it are pain management and to combat insomnia. Starting with a Bic pen tip-sized drop on the finger will get things started. A little goes a long, long way. The aftertaste will be spicy, sweet and earthy. Mixing it with a drink or food item only adds to the flavor spectrum. This RSO has a pronounced euphoric mental effect that fades into breaking up tension in the body and mind.

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