"Vaporizers are awesome, but…"

They break; they leak; they aren't particularly cool-looking; the oils sometimes taste gross; and they require buy-in knowledge, from battery styles to molecular structures.

Or you could get a Quill, a new all-in-one steel CO2 vaporizer pen now on sale at good dispensaries across the state. It's a utilitarian, beautiful, single purchase product, delivering a slightly grapefruit tinged hit of vapor with each puff.

Quill's site claims it's made without additives like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or the ominous-sounding PEG-400. Each hit contains 2mg of THC, and your Quill should be good for around 150 tokes. No need to charge, no need to refill, and when you're all puffed out, the packaging and most of the pen itself is recyclable. I'm not sure if the entire thing can be recycled, because the Quill people never wrote us back

Overall, the whole Quill product experience is really beautiful—the pen is pleasing to hold and use, and its packaging is dope. How many weed products come with original Monica Ramos watercolor art inside? You will never catch me vaping, but I'm definitely DTQ (Down to Quill).