Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by Cultivated Industries

It is such. pretty. pot.

Photo by Matt Stangel

Strain: Do-Si-Dos
Parentage: OG Kush Breath GSC x Face Off OG bx1
Breeder: Archive Seed Bank
Grower: Cultivated Industries
Cannabinoid Content: 16.40% THC

Most cannabis breeders are lucky to create a single strain that catches on with consumers.

It can take years if not decades to refine breeding stock, stabilize desired traits, and introduce new genetics to growers and the general public.

This is why so many seed companies opt for a quicker route—pejoratively known as "pollen chucking."

Rather than attempt uniformity in their seed lines, many breeders track down clones of multiple popular varietals and then pollinate those elite cuts with a single proven male, accepting that their crosses won't be stable, but will offer growers a chance to hunt for desirable expressions of sought-after strains to which they may not otherwise have access.

Much of the success of these unrefined crosses boils down to the quality of the male; working with verified, elite females is only half the battle.

And because male weed plants don't produce flowers you'd want to smoke, growing out hundreds of them to find the perfect stud can be cost prohibitive, potentially requiring years to recoup the money spent hubby hunting.

That's why male breeding stock is so valuable, and why breeders who put in the time and resources to find their dream dads often produce superior genetics.

One such breeding operation is Oregon-based seed company Archive Seed Bank.

For the majority of their official releases, Archive has worked with their prized, Face Off OG male—one they backcrossed from an OG of uncertain genetic heritage that they've had in their stables since the late 1990s.

Quite a few fantastic strains have been created using this Face Off OG stud, several of which I've come across in recent weeks: RudeBoi OG, a wildly potent Irene OG cross; Pie Face, the flavorful child of clone-only favorite Cherry Pie; and most recently, Do-Si-Dos, which employs the mutant OG Kush Breath version of Girl Scout Cookies as the mom.

While Archive has released other solid Cookies crosses, like Samoas (Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Face Off OG) and Scooby Snacks (Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG), Do-Si-Dos stands out for its full-mouth musk and berries-and-black-pepper scent; as well as its muscle-melting, bone-massaging body high and cozy-but-functional, night-capper head space.

It's quite the dessert weed.

Grown by Cultivated Industries and currently stocked at Satchel on Interstate, the indica-dominant Do-Si-Dos tests at 16.40% THC—catching the eye with its bluing sugar leaves and purple-kissed calyxes, the exotic hues of which appear only in dapples due to a literal layer of furry trichome coverage.

Such. Pretty. Pot.

While Do-Si-Dos doesn't surface super frequently on Portland's dispensary circuit, you don't need to look very far to find other strains bred by Archive from the same Face Off dad— a male that, it seems, does nothing but play well with others.

That said, if you happen to be passing by Satchel, you might wanna stop in (especially on a Friday, when all eighths are weighed to five grams at no extra cost to the customer), as this batch of Do-Si-Dos very much lives up to the hype.

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