Strain: Tangerine Biscotti
Parentage: Tangie x Girl Scout Cookies
Grower: Pruf Cultivar
Cannabinoid Content: 22.38% THC, 0.14% CBD

Each morning when I wake up, because I'm often the first to rise at my house, I'm greeted by whining cats who want their breakfast.

And each morning, because I'm a pushover, I begrudgingly toss a cup of kibble in their bowl and rush out for work.

But this morning, the house was silent.

That's because a few nights back, around 9 pm, Lynx was struck by a car and shortly thereafter passed away.

The fallout from the loss has been a bit of a blues song here on Albina Avenue where the kitty cats roam, and by the end of a stressful week at the day job, I was in need of some emotional restoration.

So on my way home from my Sunday shift, I stopped by Kind Heart Collective in Kenton to pick up an encore bag of Tangerine Biscotti, a varietal I first discovered at Kings of Canna that made an impression not only as a feel-good strain, but as one of the more evenly balanced hybrids I've come across in recent months.

Grown by Pruf Cultivar, this cross of smiley weeds Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies tests at 22.38% THC and 0.14% CBD, pairing the Tangie's unmistakable citrus nose with the Cookies' goofball euphorics and potent head high.

In terms of psychoactive nuances, the sativa branches of Tangerine Biscotti's family tree are expressed more as mood elevation than mental or physical energy—and in higher dosages its indica side translates to an eyes-half-open, cottony head space: softly attenuating big thoughts in favor of expansive, serene feelings.

When testing the strain for review, I lost interest in the documentary I'd been watching, but rather than swap the on-screen content for internal chatter (as I'm prone to do with upbeat strains), a palatial mental vacancy took over—blissful and meditative—accompanied by an alertness that as much contradicted the tranquility as it enhanced the overall experience.

I took the opportunity to perform some half-asked mindfulness techniques I learned from an ex-therapist, basking in the quietude as my kaleidoscopic experience of grief and loss stilled in its rotations.

After the fact, I questioned the escapism of my weed use, but then I realized that I also felt a lot better. So, fuck it? Do what you gotta do? Seems right.

Maybe your cat died. Maybe your aunt's in the hospital. Maybe you spilled a milk and whoopsies you got a sad.

Whatever the case may be, I'm giving it to you: do what needs to be done to feel better.

And if it involves a little Tangerine Biscotti, nobody's judging.