After my housemate declared that "weed and sex are not good together," I decided to prove his theory wrong by searching for the friskiest strains I could find.

Not all strains are created equal: some are far better suited to doing the deed than others. The most well-suited for sex were often hybrids with the ability to improve mood, reduce stress and heighten physical sensitivity.

Here are my favorite picks.

Bettie Page
Liberty Reach Farms, available at Green Front

Bettie Page is a 50/50 hybrid that's listed with "arousal" as one of its most pronounced effects. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot to see if it lived up to the hype. With notes of berry and a cheesy pungency, I was surprised to taste a piney, spicy taste that made my nose tingle. There's a mild body buzz immediately; my muscles were relaxed and my head was swimming with cheerful thoughts. Interestingly enough, I note this strain makes my skin feel hypersensitive. Making out is intensified by Bettie, whose gentle, mellow euphoria and body buzz makes for a great night of senseless fucking.

GT Dragon
High Valley Organics, available at Bloom

A sativa-dominant strain with 21.19% THC and a touch of CBD, GT Dragon is a very playful strain thanks to its positive mood affect component. Just a few bowl rips was enough to pull me out of a daylong funk. Buds are sweet and floral, with notes of lavender, sweet pine and light citrus running through. One of the strains that made me grin the most, it's a cerebral, euphoric high that made me feel relaxed, confident and in the moment. Smoke a joint of this before a date to get some of that flirtatious spark.

Girl Scout Cookies
Madrone Farms, available at Happy Leaf

Apparently GSC has a reputation for being a great strain for masturbation. In the name of science, I decided to test that theory out. A cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, GSC is rife with strong earthy and sweet notes accented by a lingering pine scent. I can instantly feel the indica component loosening my chest, providing a wave of pain relief that induces a peaceful mental state. Its sweetness makes it very tasty, a smooth, robust smoke with little acridity. I find that my brain isn't foggy but oddly vacant, which helps me focus on what's happening downstairs. The stress relief component meant I was able to get into the mood far more easily, and yielded more plentiful orgasms.

High Valley Organics, available at Bloom

The budtender casually informed me this was a new strain of "undisclosed lineage." It sits as a pretty even hybrid that's very mild all around, and reminded me of my favorite strains of all time, the 1:1 Blue Shark. It's a great mood enhancer that instantly lifts my spirits: while a lot of sativas euphoric headspace make my mind cloudy, I was somehow able to keep my wits about me and just felt like I was in the best mood all year. Slight body high and tingling accompanies this, and I can not recommend it enough.

Green Crack
Frontier Farms, available at Green Front

Let's face it: Many folks are just too damn tired at the end of a work day to be thinking of getting it on. Luckily, Green Crack lives up to its namesake, providing a much-needed solution to apathy and fatigue. A few tokes is all it takes to feel the sudden onslaught of nearly uncontrollable energy, a potent rush of creativity and sharp mental focus that keeps me feeling invigorated and ready for action.