Welcome to Willamette Week’s Third Annual Cannabis Grow Blog

Episode 1: Introductions

July 1, 2015 marked the legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon. Now, everyone can legally grow up to four marijuana plants. This is the third year WW has grown pot on the roofs of the office. The four strains growing at Willamette Week World HQ this year are a Texada Timewarp, Girl Scout Cookie, Dream Lotus and Headband.

Summer time has come to Rose City, which means internships, heat waves and weed are all in season.

This week marked my first at WW, which means the annual tradition of growing weed plants on the roof was passed to me. Not exactly what I expected, but I’m not complaining, especially since I was told I could keep the yield from this year’s crop. That’d be amazing. Too bad I have no idea what I’m doing.

Worry not, though, as Google became my best friend over the past seven days. I spent the weekend researching the strains we have and figuring out what to expect. Internet, don't fail me now.

Dream Lotus

This strain should take about 8 weeks to flower, so if everything goes according to plan it'll peak in early or mid August. It's an evenly balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid, with a woody aroma. Should be good for some stress relief, if it survives this heat. More on that later.

Girl Scout Cookie

Call me childish, but this little guy is currently my fave almost entirely because of its name. We'll see if the plant—60% indica—matches my enthusiasm when it flowers in 7-9 weeks. It's supposed to make the user feel relaxed and happy, which matches my emotions when a box of Thin Mints arrives at my door.


This dude is gonna take a while to flower—Seedfinder says about 10 weeks – so naturally I plan to keep a close eye on it. It's mostly indica and meant to inspire "euphoria." Psh, we'll see about that. In the meantime, it gets the smallest box of the lot.

Texada Time Warp

Texada Time Warp returns from last year's cannabis grow, and we gave it a tiny box. Nice. Seems counterintuitive, especially since these plants are supposed to reach up to 13 feet in height. It'll bloom in late September, so that gives me plenty of time to move it to a bigger pot. For now, the mostly-Sativa strain seems content.

In fact, all four strains were looking just fine and dandy until the heatwave from last weekend showed up. Two days later, and the leaves almost completely browned and shriveled. Call me delusional, but I'm confident they can be nursed back to health. Check out next week's blog to see if I'm an idiot.

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