Strain: Key Lime Pie

Parentage: OG Kush x Durban Poison

Grower: Pruf Cultivar

Cannabinoid Content: 26.62 percent THC

Dispensary: Electric Lettuce

These days, you can't walk through a dispensary without running into Girl Scout Cookie phenotypes and crosses aplenty—be they Thin Mints, Forum Cut, or any one of the many derivatives that rely on the OG Kush x Durban Poison genetics.

So when I came across Pruf Cultivar's Key Lime Pie—an elite GSC cut that stands out from it's many sisters and cousins via the sugared, lime scent for which it is named—I decided to take a closer look.

Like many unique Cookie offshoots, Key Lime Pie is said to be clone-only, though breeders have made attempts at capturing the dessert strain in seed form.

Grown by Pruf Cultivar, this rendition of Key Lime Pie tests at 26.62 percent THC, boasting a symphonic terpene profile and dazzling bag appeal: the aforementioned lime aroma—a billowing sweetness equaled by a sharp citrus-and-sour—is born from deep evergreen sugar leaves and a citron-green central mass; the lights and darks unified to points near obfuscation by a yellow coating of trichomes.

In terms of the high, Key Lime Pie is a relatively even marriage of relaxed muscles and improved mood.

I tested the strain the day after moving to a new house, and the full-spectrum body aches I acquired while packing and hauling were relieved before I was through a modest bowl pack. This also happened to be a day when a lot of alarming climate-change analysis went viral—which gave me a unique appreciation of Key Lime Pie's sunny-side-of-the-street head notes.

The strain's reportedly high myrcene content makes it ideal for smoothing the edges off a prickly mental state—and paired with the aforementioned terpene's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, I found KLP to be restorative not just to a positive outlook, but to an at-ease body.

I'd recommend this one for evening pain and stress relief—it might leave you a little too sleepy for daytime use—or for those times when an overactive mind could benefit from a reduced speed limit.

Additionally, connoisseur consumers will love this one for its unique scent and flavor, and if you've been on the lookout for something that truly reads as a lime strain, definitely seek out some Key Lime Pie.