Silver Hawk by Yerba Buena Is Tropical-Scented Vacation Weed

If you're looking for an upbeat, summertime sativa, Silver Hawk is for you.

Strain: Silver Hawk (aka Silverhawks OG)
Parentage: Super Silver Haze x Wifi Alien OG
Breeder: Kre8 Genetics (formerly Greenlife Seeds)
Grower: Yerba Buena
Cannabinoid Content: 26.07% THC

Over the last couple weeks I've reviewed several indica-dominant strains that rank more bedtime than summertime: night-capper Gorilla Glue #5 and sublime body-melter Peanut Butter Breath.

So this week I decided to focus on something more of the season: Silver Hawk, a tropical-scented sativa that pairs well with low-key outdoor activities; think paperbacks and car camping, fishing poles and fold-out chairs, inflatable rafts and floating coolers.

What you might call vacation weed, the cross of Super Silver Haze and Wifi Alien OG favors its Haze lineage both in look and smell: chunky, light-green buds emit a sweet, cocoa butter and lemon balm scent that deepens into a pineapple, spice-cake finish.

As grown by Yerba Buena, Silver Hawk tests at 26.07% THC, expressing a terpinolene-dominant terpene profile, with secondary concentrations of myrcene and beta caryophyllene. Additionally, traces of nerolidol, pinene, humulene and limonene linger at a ratio of roughly 1:6 to Silver Hawk's terpinolene dominance.

All these numbers translate to a Haze varietal that's more potent than average—Super Silver Haze usually expresses a THC content in the low twenties—an uptick in psychoactivity that's likely due to Silver Hawk's Wifi Alien OG father, which is known for pushing out the frost.

The quality of the high is mentally upbeat and physically mellow, more a mood enhancer than an energy supplement—though a cup of coffee tends to offset Silver Hawk's lazier vibes, should you need to be more functional than not.

In being a happy, chilled-out strain, Silver Hawk seems like a wise choice for medical patients looking to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. And adult-use consumers will likely find the strain to be daytime-appropriate, as well as a safe bet for social situations.

That said, start small with the Silver Hawk, as it's fairly potent stuff and may be a bit too much for the less-initiated set. A caveat on the other end of the experience spectrum: pickier connoisseurs might find something to be desired in the flavor department. After meeting the flame, Silver Hawk's decadent nose translates to a more muted—but nonetheless pleasing—sweet and buttery taste.

Friendly warnings and minor criticism aside, before punching out on Silver Hawk, I felt it necessary to mention that if you're a fan of strains with "pineapple" in the name—Ed Rosenthal's Super Bud Pineapple cut, Pineapple Express, Golden Pineapple—Silver Hawk's terpene profile and effects are right up your alley.

And if those comparisons don't mean anything to you, don't fret. Just know this: Silver Hawk is for when you want to hack your brain's happy centers and jump start a laid-back, sunny afternoon.