Strain Review: Nana’s Fix by Kleen Karma Gardens

Nana's Fix offers a two-worlds high that's best saved for the when not doing much is the main goal.

Photo by Matt Stangel

Strain: Nana's Fix
Parentage: Grandma's Sugar Cookies x Loud Sour
Breeder: Pollen Nation Elite Genetics
Grower: Kleen Karma Gardens
Cannabinoid Content: 26.5% THC, 0.3% CBN

Nose and Mouth: If you were to blindfold someone unfamiliar with cannabis and have them smell a jar of Nana's Fix—a cross of Grandma's Sugar Cookies and Loud Sour—I strongly doubt that person would guess they were smelling weed.

In fact, it seems unlikely that the sweet, candied aroma would register as a product of nature. Rather, the scent bears a strong resemblance to jellybeans and things artificially pink—think bubble gum and cotton candy—before suggesting brulee and baked goods.

When smoked, the candied elements lift away to reveal a coconutty, banana flavor and waxy mouthfeel.

First Impressions: Considering the sativa labeling and an aroma signature to daytime, mood-enhancing strains, I gave Nana's Fix an early afternoon test run. This was something of a mistake.

Everything started out as planned: my sense of well-being grew three sizes that day; but before I could tackle my modest list of day-off chores, a deep, tranquilizing body-high settled in.

Rather than move through my day as planned, I was awash in an impenetrable euphoria—a euphoria so thick and wooly and all encompassing that quite literally not a care in the world could worm its way through. I felt great, but hit-by-hit my aspirations for the day were unintentionally packed into a raft and set adrift downriver.

As Nana's high morphed from the euphoric to the psychedelic and on to the sedating, that raft disappeared into a row of trees on the horizon, while closed-eye visions of cartoonishly underdressed sirens lulled me with Fantasian choral arrangements into the Great American Couch Nap—a restorative sleep from which I awoke to discover a lot of shit left to finish in my day and all of it hours downriver.

This is a classic case of right strain, wrong time, and encore experiments established Nana's Fix as a flower best saved for when not doing much is the main goal.

Selling Point: The candy-store scent is the bait, but the two-worlds high is the hook: Nana's Fix delivers shooting-star moods and equally prominent physical relaxation. The sedative qualities belie the feelgood headspace, positioning Nana's Fix somewhere outside of the expected.

Usually, if you're looking for a sedating strain, you're stuck with heavy indicas, many of which don't offer the mood enhancements of sugary sativas. Nana's Fix pulls a little something from both realms of experience: a happy head and a tranquil body.

Recommendations: If you're thinking about reaching for Nana's Fix, I can't stress potency enough: even experienced consumers should plan to clear out a few hours for this one.

Not only does Nana's Fix rank high in THC at 26.5% (with a notable concentration of CBN, a known sedative), but it's an odiferous flower with the commensurate aromatherapeutic impact. A terpene analysis for Nana's Fix wasn't available at Kings of Canna, where I picked up the strain, so it's anyone's guess as to what makes up that jelly-bean scent—but if I were to follow my nose, there's a strong likelihood that we're dealing with dominant concentrations of terpinolene and myrcene, both of which affect a sleepy high.

The impact of the aforementioned cannabinoid and terpene profile makes for a sedating, euphoric experience—which is why I'd steer people away from this one for social and active scenarios, as it might become more of a speed bump than anything else.

Given the strain's naptime vibes, Nana's Fix is well-suited for meditation, catching up on big-box summer movies and, as you might expect, encouraging a sound night's sleep.

I'd recommend it for after-work stress relief, first and foremost, and as a dessert strain for those who enjoy a bit of psychedelic euphoria before bed.

It really is lovely smoke, and the connoisseur crowd will appreciate Nana's nuances—offering traits from both ends of the indica-sativa spectrum that combine for a high that may surprise even the most seasoned weed lovers.

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