Our weed is finally finished.

It took a little longer than expected—it turns out that trimming the bud takes way longer than you think. But, six months after we bought soil and pots for our third annual office cannabis grow, we have a couple of jars full of Dogwalker. It reeks, in a good way.

The end process of our weeds life cycle was at first confusing.

We had just cut the plant down, and brought it off of the roof. It looked very healthy and smelled even better. I walked straight through the office with the plant watching heads turn on the opposite side of the room because the smell was so strong. I hung up the plant to dry out in a moderately cool and dark room with some air flow and left it over the weekend. So far, so good.

When I came back the plant looked and smelled totally different than when I had left it on Friday.

My thoughts at this point: "I killed this plant in three short days." "All of that work for nothing." "I followed expert opinion, what happened?!" "This isn't my fault, it must be a faulty plant."

After a minor freak out, I reached out to a contact who told me everything that was happening to the plant was completely natural. That different smell, which just smelled like withering plant, would go away after trimming and curing and the buds would start to look like what we are used to after we trimmed them as well.

So if you're a first timer like me, don't freak out when your plant looks like it just went through the washer and dryer.

After the confusion and panic, we got to trimming, which took way longer than we expected. Trimming was like giving hundreds of mini hair cuts to the buds. The only inspiring part of this process is that the full smell starts to arrive, and once jarred and cured, that smell becomes all the more potent.

As far as Dog Walker's smell goes, it remains true to the strain review. The name Dog Walker comes from the strains tendency to smell like a wet dog, which our buds definitely do. It isn't a gross smell at all like you would imagine a wet dog to smell like, it has earthy tones that make it very pleasant to whiff.

Dogwalker is a smooth smoke, and holds onto those earthy and skunky tones when you inhale. Its effects are on the lackadaisical side of the spectrum resulting in a more relaxed high. This has proven to be a great pre-slumber strain.

And as far as the quality goes, we are satisfied.

It was a lot of time and work, and we lost a few plants along the way, but we've completed our stated goal of successfully growing our best weed yet.