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Meghan Markle’s Nephew Is Growing Weed in Oregon—and Created a Cannabis Strain In Her Honor

It's called “Markle Sparkle.”

An Oregon man is making headlines in England for developing a strain of cannabis to honor his aunt: soon-to-be British royal Meghan Markle.

Tyler Dooley, a 25-year-old grower in Grants Pass, named a strain "Markle Sparkle" after his famous relative, an American actress who will be marrying Prince Harry next week.

The strain, first reported by the London Daily Mail, is part of a line of cannabis products Dooley is branding as "Royally Grown."

Dooley hopes they will bring in big money for his business at a time when profit margins have been tight for the marijuana industry. After a massive harvest last fall, wholesale prices plummeted and dozens of businesses have failed this year.

But Dooley hopes his new strain will carve out a foothold in a marketplace where name-recognition and shelf placement give farmers a competitive advantage, he tells the Daily Mail.

Oregonians won't be able to toast the royal wedding with Markle Sparkle. The strain will be debuted at a cannabis convention in California in June.