Here’s Your 2020 Stoner Gift Guide

Maybe your pothead auntie who usually gets a commemorative holiday plate has realized a newfound interest in gardening since working from home.

Having the means to shower your loved ones with holiday gifts is celebratory every year. But there's just a little more stank on the proceedings this time around.

That is to say, most of us have been isolating dutifully, exploring new hobbies and discovering new passions. Maybe your pothead auntie who usually gets a commemorative holiday plate has realized a newfound interest in gardening since working from home. Perhaps your closest confidant got particularly carried away with the Marie Kondo era of 2020 and is newly obsessed with ultra-efficient weed storage. It's also possible that your partner stress-smoked their throat raw after coaching your kids through distance learning, thus developing a new appreciation for low-temp cannabis activation. Frankly, 2020 spun everyone in a new direction, and 'tis the season to celebrate some fresh orientations.

Here are a few cannabis-adjacent gift suggestions to get you started.

For the Pothead Homesteaders: Feminist Weed Farmer

For your workaholic stoner homies who rejoiced at the chance to stay at home and revel in domesticity for once, this is the text to help them level up their canna-gardening skills. This easy-to-use guide to cultivating and processing homegrown weed is an awesomely accessible alternative to lengthy gardening guides. Author Madrone Stewart is an established Humboldt farmer who deftly guides readers through the process of growing six backyard plants, from selecting seeds to harvesting and processing. Stewart covers everything from mindful pest management to thriving in a male-dominated industry to creating your own cannabis lube. It is a must-have addition to any dedicated cannabis gardener's library.

Get it from: Microcosm Publishing, 2752 N Williams Ave., 503-799-2698,

For the Newly Minted Minimalist: Serra x Hemson Chill Box

A sad irony occurred when Marie Kondo swept into our lives and inspired us to rethink our interiors and rid ourselves of several piles of donatable tchotchkes, only to have a pandemic promptly close thrift store sales floors nationwide. Maximalist thrifters from coast to coast were both plucked and salted. On the other hand, stoners who dedicated themselves to the KonMari method of artful organization may appreciate this one additional storage tchotchke, the Serra x Hemson Chill Box collab. This is a reasonably straightforward stash box, except it features a magnetic lid that doubles as a rolling tray and an angular, removable trough made for joint-rolling support. The box's profile is a modern minimalist combo of pale beechwood and either porcelain blush or concrete gray. The whole affair is a very contemporary, sophisticated addition to the end tables or color-coded bookcases of your trendier stoner pals.

Get it from: Serra, 2519 SE Belmont St., 971-544-7055,

For the Parents Barely Keeping It Together: Oracle Wellness Healer’s Duo

Eight-hour workdays are rough enough. Doubling down to also keep your kids engaged in several hours of Zoom calls is a recipe for exhaustion, malaise and body aches. For the parental homies hanging by a thread, Portland cannabis chef Megon Dee's Oracle Wellness line of remedies will be a welcome addition to the ol' medicine cabinet. The Healer's Duo pairs two of the brand's most highly rated products for chronic pain—the flagship CBD salve and a pocket-sized CBD oil spray—in one stocking stuffer-sized package perfect for seasonal gifting.

Get it from:

For the Old-School Connoisseur: Personalized Buddy One-Hitter Pipe

Every varsity stoner has, at one point in their lives, owned or smoked weed from a one-hitter pipe resembling a cigarette. Buddy has reimagined that one-hitter as a personalized pipe that discreetly celebrates—rather than clumsily disguises—on-the-go weed smoking. But discretion and personal use aren't the only perks of the one-hitter. The small bowl keeps the plant matter from creating an overly large cherry and burning away all the delicious cannabinoids.

Sara Hussain founded Buddy after growing frustrated with fragile glass pipes with gaping large bowls and easily clogged, novelty one-hitters. The Buddy is a two-chamber pipe that cracks open for easy cleaning and is personalizable up to 30 characters. For the flower snob who keeps a pipe on hand at all times, this is a super-considerate, super-stoney gift.

Get it from:

For the Family Influencer: High Society Eye of the Beholder Joint Holder 

High Society's handmade metal adornments run the gamut from tiaras to mask chains, but most share the same chic purpose as totally unexpected joint holders. Fabricated by Erin Colvin in her Portland studio (often with a baby strapped to her front), High Society pieces are created in small batches and include a lovely selection of weed leaf-festooned rings, studs and pendants. But the most captivating metalworks are the fantastically fashionable joint holders camouflaged as bun pins, statement necklaces, and chandelier earrings. Your niece who just got TikTok famous for her french inhale is going to love this.

Get it from:

For the Freethinking Boomer: Make & Mary Cannabis Inhaler

For the elder, erstwhile pothead at your holiday table, this sleek, lipstick-sized inhaler may be the perfect addition to their retirement desktop. This device is the brainchild of Yvonne Perez Emerson, founder of Make & Mary, and comprises pink Himalayan sea salt soaked in cannabis, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender and orange essential oils packed in a rose gold cylinder that fits in the palm of your hand. Each whiff is a noseful of heady nostalgia and calculated calm. This product is a sophisticated aromatherapy option for those who find comfort in the grassy stank of a ripe cannabis stalk, but not the physical demands of actually being high on THC. So if the elders in your fam love talking about the good ol' days but are reluctant to hit the blunt, this is a classy, sympathetic compromise.

Get it from: Make & Mary, 2506 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-444-7608.

For Your Favorite Pothead: Pax 3

This pocket vaporizer can be used for both flower and concentrates, and relies on a low-temp heating system that retains far more cannabinoids and terpenes than combusting ever could. The result is a nuanced high that spotlights the full spectrum of effects from the user's chosen strain. Pax also pairs with some of Oregon's most popular farms to produce its proprietary Pax pods, a guarantee that only the best concentrates are compatible with this pen. Bonus: Oregrown's flagship store features a Pax engraving station so you can make this exceptional gift even more of a cherished keepsake with a personalized holiday message.

Get it from: Oregrown, 111 NE 12th Ave., 503-477-6898,

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