A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Stoner Moms

Whether the matriarchs in your life are in need of a spa moment, an intellectual and visual tonic, or a more attractive place to keep their weed crumbs, there is a perfect present for all of them, at every price point.

There are infinite ways to celebrate all the world’s moms on Mother’s Day. Conventional supermarket flowers, boulangerie truffles and crafty homemade picture frames all are nice gifts. But if you’re shopping for a canna-mom, maybe consider something a little more weed adjacent and less on the nose.

Whether the matriarchs in your life are in need of a spa moment, an intellectual and visual tonic, or a more attractive place to keep their weed crumbs, there is a perfect present for all of them, at every price point.

For the Eloquent Stoner Mom: Broccoli Subscription

If the stoner mother in your life is the type with overstuffed bookcases, artistically arranged countertop crystals, lovingly nurtured houseplants and multiple pieces of fabulous wall art, consider adding this glossy jewel to what sounds like her already intellectually stimulating collections; it will look great in the boudoir beside her antique silk dressing gowns.

Helmed by Anja Charbonneau, Broccoli is a thrice-yearly arts and culture magazine rooted in cannabis folkways and features a diverse roster of unique contributors. For the creative, freethinking mom that’s all about expanding her worldview in bite-size segments, Broccoli is a gorgeous way to introduce talent that’s emerged from or become associated with modern cannabis culture.

Get it: broccolimag.com

For the Contemporary Bohemian Mom: Sway Blunts

Mothers who meditate from the interior of a thick, potent cloud of hemp smoke might appreciate Sway’s artisan, hand-rolled hemp cigars. Even varsity squad THC moms can get value from these opulent banana leaf and hemp leaf products. These smokes are available as single blunts for periodic smokers or in a slimline, hemp paper 10-pack for moms who are truly living the hemp-blunt lifestyle. Sway blunts are an equally lavish and folksy way to enjoy a chill CBD buzz. That they are hand-rolled with terpene-infused wraps makes them feel personalized, and the grassy, botanical fan leaf rolls make for more complex perfumes and entourage effects. All told, this is a stellar hemp roll for a nouveau hippie mom to vibe with. I recommend she smoke this while listening to an Erykah Badu playlist and burning at least three sticks of incense. Caftans and bare feet suggested but not required.

Get it: swayblunts.com

For the Butch Mom’s Self-Care Sunday: Harvest Hemp Scrub

Another Mother’s Day gift trope that never goes out of style is the DIY spa day concept, which works so well with an all-day canna-mom fest. But news flash: Not every canna-mom has the time to play spa fantasy, much less an enthusiasm for bubble baths or amateur scalp massages. Some canna-moms roll their eyes at extravagant spa shenanigans and would prefer a sensible, hemp-based way to keep their hands clean. For those, consider the gift of this simple, therapeutic scrub they can use to spoil themselves at their discretion. Harvest Scrub is an RN-formulated family recipe made with hemp seeds and apricot oil and infused with raw, full-spectrum hemp oil made exclusively to clean hardworking hands. And since those plucky gardening, car-repairing, carpenter mothers who collect a bit of grime and grease between their digits deserve every bit as much pampering as any other mother, maybe pick up a couple of jars.

Get it: thebotanicaljoint.com

For Moms Who Love Fat Bong Rips: Mota Glass Beaker Bong

For every discreet stoner mom, there is a monster bong-ripping party mom. And sometimes they are the same person. If you’re lucky, they’re your mom, she sounds amazing, and you should definitely get her a badass new glass beaker bong. A solid glass bong is a necessity for every stoner arsenal, and your mom probably already knows that, so it’s possible you’re forcing an upgrade. But whether you’re adding to her collection or buying Mom her first water pipe, Mota is the company to consider ordering your glassware from. Founded by minority cannabis activists Susie Plascencia and Bobby Lady, Mota sells glass bongs handmade in the California neighborhoods the duo call home, rather than ones made cheaply and imported from overseas. Bonus: The brand primarily employs minorities and veterans seeking cannabis career pathways, including but not limited to the skilled craft of glassblowing.

Get it: mota-glass.com

For Queer, Art-Collecting, Joint-Rolling Moms: Keith Haring Rolling Tray

For the woefully uninitiated, Keith Haring was a modern artist whose work directly addressed both the unrivaled joy and the chilling inequities of the LGBTQ+ communities of his era, particularly surrounding the AIDS crisis. His work has influenced generations of visual artists, activists and advocates and is, in some form or another, basic issue for most LGBTQ+, boomer-Gen X households. Higher Standards recently introduced a line of Keith Haring rolling trays that are lovely to roll weed on but also make compelling centerpieces as stand-alone works of art. Four designs are available: a bold black-and-white sketchbook style; a full-color, comics-panel style; a reproduction of Haring’s iconic Crack Is Wack piece; and, of course, Haring’s trademark mercurial technicolor dancers. Even covered in weed crumbs and keef, this tray is a stunning bit of stoner accoutrement and an especially thoughtful queer Mother’s Day gift.

Get it: higherstandards.com