Must Have Items for Your Stoner Memorial Day Barbecue

This year, whether hosting or attending, consider offering one of these unexpected cookout contributions to the potluck table or trendy, curated spread, and let’s all work together to make this the most vaxxed, relaxed and smoke-stacked summer ever.

When this summer’s barbecue season hits, it’ll probably be with some measure of general wellness precautions, as well as a renewed self-interest regarding party damage like boozy blackouts and harrowing hangovers. Plenty of us doubled down on our cannabis commitments this past year, and many introductions to Oregon grass were made, so it stands to reason that centering your inaugural summer barbecues around food and herb, rather than, hooch could set the right tone.

Besides, barbecue weed has a whole new meaning in 2021—and each of these uniquely shareable cannabis products are proof that you don’t have to supply a bundle of buds to be the life of the pothead party.

This year, whether hosting or attending, consider offering one of these unexpected cookout contributions to the potluck table or trendy, curated spread, and let’s all work together to make this the most vaxxed, relaxed and smoke-stacked summer ever.

For Your Canna-Charcuterie:

Dreamers Glass Cannaghee (50 mg THC per 3 g jar)

This spreadable, cannabis-infused ghee is a thoughtful addition to any artisan charcuterie platter. Spread this on bias-sliced Grand Central baguettes for a chic appetizer, or whip it until it’s dippable and incorporate it into your crudité dip selection. These cannabutter blends are strain specific, so users can choose the vibe they impart on their outdoor festivities, from dance-party sativas like Durban Poison to deeply psychotropic indicas like Granddaddy Purple. Bonus: Put it on your toast the next morning to relive your stoned summer holiday barbecue fantasy.

Get it from: Pacific Green, 710 NE Killingsworth St., 971-242-8535,

Laurie + MaryJane Cheese Crisp Crackers (3 mg THC per cracker, 50 mg per package)

Savory cannabis snacks are a must-have for seasonal backyard shindigs. A comprehensive canna-spread should include more than just entrees or deserts alone. Local fave Laurie + MaryJane’s line of edibles are stellar across the board, but their cheese crisp crackers are uniquely perfect for backyard barbecue-type shenanigans. Plus, their uniform appearance would make them an agreeable addition to both a contemporary deli spread and a Lunchables-inspired charcuterie board.

Get it from: Deanz Greenz, 10415 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-255-0758,

For the Cookout Condiment Collection:

Portland Oven Pot Sauce (50 mg THC per 10 ml, 5 mg per dash)

Pot Sauce is a Tapatío-style hot sauce that paler palates are likely to find borderline combustible and more seasoned tastes will consider mild to medium in spice. Either way, a dash or two of this sauce is going to get all your guests baked. Be considerate of your hot sauce aficionado friends and make sure to have some alternative salsas and picante sauces on hand for those with higher heat tolerances than THC tolerances.

Get it from: Bridge City Collective, 215 SE Grand Ave., 503-477-9532,

Ruby Cannabis Sugar (10 mg THC per sugar packet, 50 mg per package)

It’s a boss domestic stoner move to have cannabis-infused sugar on hand for your guests, especially on an already impressively stocked condiment table. Keep these individual sugar packets on hand for users to sprinkle atop their Jell-O salad- and banana pudding-laden dessert plates or in their iced teas during dinner. But be advised, one sugar packet contains two 5 mg servings, so make sure your low-tolerance, sweet-toothed guests dose accordingly.

Get it from: Virtue Supply Co., 510 NW 11th Ave., 971-940-6624,

For the Plant Magic Wet Bar:

Hush Pineapple Passion Sizzurp (1,000 mg THC per 4-ounce bottle)

Maintaining low doses throughout your event will help keep your guests from overconsuming without dulling the party vibe. A drop or three of this fruit-flavored, THC-infused simple syrup is an on-brand way to run that all-night stoner theme through your beverage selection and keep your bar from being exclusively medicated or exclusively soft. These drops are truly made for sharing; they can jazz up simple soda water or add a tropical flavor profile to a signature mocktail, and since the dose can be tailored to the user, they have universal barbecue appeal.

Get it from: Gram Central Station, 6430 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-284-6714.

Wyld Blackberry CBD Sparkling Water (25 mg CBD per 12-ounce can)

If any of your guests start to feel a bit unwound from all the consumption, a can of Wyld CBD sparkling water can bring them back to earth without completely evaporating their high. A single dose of CBD can temper an astronomical THC experience, while maintaining physical relaxation and euphoria and easing anxiety and spacey delirium. Plus, this soda water makes a great mocktail mixer, which is a necessity at any modern Memorial Day celebration.

Get it from: Pur Roots, 5816 NE Portland Highway, 971-865-5176.

For the Dessert Table:

SDK Snickerdoodle Cookies (50 mg per cookie, 5 mg per serving)

When entertaining a squad of stoners, don’t sleep on a good old-fashioned stack of cannabis cookies. As far as cannabis desserts go, baked goods in general are pretty low stakes, and despite the high THC dosage, SDK’s cookies in particular offer mellow highs that are manageable and uplifting. Pro tip for varsity stoners: Split one of these bad boys with a buddy, put a scoop of ice cream on each half, and finish it with a pinch of Ruby Cannabis Sugar and a drizzle of Hush Sizzurp, and have fun astro traveling because this will absolutely end your night.

Get it from: Budding Culture, 6802 NE Broadway, 503-719-6192,

Junk Marshmallow Bon-Bons! (3:1 CBD:THC per bonbon, 12 bonbons per package)

When the barbecue eventually moves from grill-watching and cornholing to fire pit gazing and elevated chit-chatting, someone is probably going to suggest s’mores. Bless their hearts. If and when that happens, these are the only marshmallows to reach for. These confections are made with Ranger dark chocolate, vegan mallows and chocolate sea salt—and the resulting s’more will be one your guests remember for the rest of the summer, if not the rest of their lives.

Get it from: Oregrown, 111 NE 12th Ave.,