A High Pride Gift Guide

Here are a handful of LGBTQIA+-owned, -operated and -founded cannabis and cannabis-adjacent companies to help kick off Pride Month with celebratory gift-giving.

Potlander - Pride (Jack Kent)

The window of late spring, early summer, when rainbow season and Pride season merge, is one of the most magical times in the Pacific Northwest. Celebrating love and equality with hundreds of spiritual cousins under a double-rainbow sun shower is perfectly commonplace during this window—and doing so under the shimmery haze of weed smoke is especially on brand for our emerald oasis.

This year, without the crowded festivals that typically define Pride celebrations, maybe consider an investment in gratitude for our LGBTQIA+ friends and family that maintain the values of radical inclusivity, intersectional equity, and freedom to love that ignited the first Pride, which, lest we forget, was a riot, not a parade.

Besides: If we can’t party ourselves silly, we might as well do some super-gay shopping. So here are a handful of LGBTQIA+-owned, -operated and -founded cannabis and cannabis-adjacent companies to help kick off Pride Month with celebratory gift-giving.

Subscriptions for Full-Spectrum Role Models:

Green Box

When considering gifts for your favorite role models, what’s better than a self-stocking weed stash? Founded by Adrian Wayman, a Black, gay entrepreneur, and his father-in-law, Green Box offers subscriptions to curated cannabis goodie boxes featuring the best of Oregon’s weed, edibles, tinctures and more. Varying subscription levels conform to different budgets and tastes, and the boxes are personalized to suit the recipient. If you want to ensure the perfect cannathusiast present for this year’s Pride, having Adrian curate a cute box for you and your queer paragons is a smart start.

Get it from: pdxgreenbox.com

Black Cannabis Magazine

There are plenty of complimentary cannabis rags decorating dispensary counters in Portland, but Black Cannabis Magazine is a bit more exclusive. This magazine is primarily digital, but its inaugural print edition featuring Whoopi Goldberg is more bookshelf worthy than waiting-room chic. The magazine focuses on art, news and culture within the cannabis sphere from a marginalized perspective but is universally readable, and was both Black and LGBTQIA+ founded.

Get it from: blackcannabismagazine.com

Self-Care for Progressive Revolutionaries:

Organic Hemp Teas by The Pot Lab

Founded by Dr. Brandie Cross, The Pot Lab offers a number of organic, therapeutic hemp products formulated over the course of a decade of botanical lab research. Each of The Pot Lab’s Flower Water wellness teas, for example, features therapeutic hemp and botanical blends. These blends are also Indigenous grown and crafted with traditional ecological knowledge as well as a sharp balance of heritage medicine and contemporary tech. When shopping for a progressive someone whose stash would benefit from a bit of thoughtful canna-botanic self-care, consider these exhaustively researched and deliberately devised herbal elixirs that were probably enjoyed by several-many two-spirit ancestors.

Get it from: thepotlab.com

Cushy Cones

If there’s a radical unicorn in your cypher who appreciates sparkle-rainbow everything—including weed—Cushy Cones are the rolling papers to make those pre-roll fantasies into realities. Cushy Cones is a manufacturer based in Miami and Portland that produces pre-roll cones and filters with fantastical patterns and color combos. Even its standard hemp paper cones are bedecked with metallic jewel tone filter tips, essentially producing Pride-friendly pre-roll cones year round. Cushy Cones gets that Pride, like being stoned, is a state of mind, folks.

Get it from: cushycones.patternbyetsy.com

Genderless Skin Care for Antiquated Construct Eradicators:

Brown Sugar Botanicals Skin Salve

More than a therapeutic salve, Brown Sugar Botanicals’ blend of oils and herbs is a perfumed skin softener that’s a more potent skin saturator than any drug store cream. The ingredients list features calendula, borage, lavender and CBD isolate, resulting in a balm that’s as effective at treating soreness as it is at quenching ashy skin. Founded by Chris Wakefield and KaliMa Amilak, Brown Sugar Botanicals is more than a CBD skin care company. Its line features three flagship products: this fragrant, skin-soothing salve; an equally robust sublingual tincture; and a lavender-hemp spliff pack. All come highly rated and reverentially reviewed.

Get it from: brownsugarbotanicals.com

Blunt Skincare

This line of CBD skin oils, formulated by Stas Chirkov, uses phytocannabinoids (external cannabinoids) to increase the skin’s ability to fight inflammation and free-radical damage. Each of its three varieties focuses on a different skin type or condition: Isolate for balance, Moon Rock for renewal, and Seed for hydration. The sleek, millennial packaging is as suited to a high femme boudoir vanity as a masculine minimalist bathroom counter, but has a universal appeal that should light up the eyes of any canna-skin care enthusiast, gendered or nah. These oils can be purchased individually or in a gift set featuring all three.

Get it from: bluntskincare.com

For the Grown and Sexy:

Tokeativity x Maia Toys Jessi 420 Mini Bullet Vibe

Sexuality and Pride are part and parcel. What started as a gay liberation movement has evolved into a celebration of life, acceptance and community, but don’t get it twisted: Sexuality is still a cornerstone of the movement. So, if there’s a special stoner vagina owner (or genital nonspecific, sex-positive, vibe aficionado) in your life that deserves a sensual gift this year, consider the Tokeativity x Maia Toys Jessi 420 Mini Bullet, a palm-size vibrator decorated with aqua cannabis leaves against a turquoise shaft. Bonus: This mini vibrator is discreet enough to fit in a pocket but intense enough to make this Pride a particularly memorable one.

Get it from: tokeativity.com

Farbod Ceramics Pipe

Each of these pipes is handmade by Farbod Nael, whose ceramic art therapy beginnings have since grown to include an entire line of creative smoke utensils. Many of Nael’s devices are straightforward yet elegant demonstrations of artisan stoneware, but others are cheeky reinterpretations of everyday items, such as an avocado half, a mini cactus or an oversized pill. For gifters looking to support an LGBTQIA+ artisan with a uniquely potheaded point of view, Farbod’s online shop will check those boxes and then some.

Get it from: farbodceramics.com

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