No. 14 Because Portland’s Cannabis Community Continues to Find Creative Ways to Collaborate With Other Industries

Here are the highlights of the past year’s dopest local cannabis collaborations.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Chocolate (Courtesy Lazarus)

Portland has long had a reputation for producing an abundance of quality craft goods—from beer to coffee to chocolate to charming, homemade knickknacks. So when two of those independent creators from entirely different industries team up to make something new, you know you’re usually in for something special.

Our cannabis community is no different. Their mashups with other businesses are notably trailblazing. Here are the highlights of the past year’s dopest local cannabis collaborations.

The Mini Bar by Greater Goods and chef Liv Vasquez

Netflix’s Cooked With Cannabis winner and cannabis justice advocate Liv Vasquez linked up with Greater Goods—the child company of Leif Goods, which defined contemporary branding at the onset of recreational legalization—to produce an organic, 50 mg, hemp-derived CBD dark chocolate bar finished with linalool-infused Bali Pyramid Salt from Bitterman Salt Co.

Dark Chocolate Bar by Lazarus Naturals and Ranger Chocolate

Wellness brand Lazarus Naturals’ foray into craft collabs began with this chocolate treat produced by small-batch chocolatier Ranger. The bar is produced with Lazarus’ Central Oregon-grown hemp and Ranger’s premium Maker’s Blend, an ethically sourced cacao mélange that harmonizes thoughtfully with the terpene profile of the cannabis.

Wake-Up Call Muddy Chai Tea by Barbari and lion’s mane

Less a collab and more a mashup between witchy herbalists and a functional fungi lifestyle, Barbari’s Wake-Up Call Tea features lion’s mane, a mushroom that grows wild in the Pacific Northwest. Functional mushrooms have been used in herbal blends as wellness supplements for generations, but the contemporary iterations featuring isolated cannabinoids are relatively novel.

Kites Pre-Roll Packs and NuLeaf Project

Cannabis and nonprofit partnerships are always a good thing, especially for those still investigating how they can contribute to a more diverse, equitable industry. NuLeaf (or NuProject) is a great starting point for that search. These pre-rolls come in a variety of strains and are priced commensurate to other 10-roll packs. Frankly, the whole affair is enough to make the average customer wonder, as the best collaborations do, why don’t all brands do shit like this?

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