A 4/20 Advent Calendar

’Tis the season to wake and bake.

Leaf Pipe (Courtesy Oak and Earth Creations)

One side effect of smoking weed that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough is the pothead propensity for inventing extravagant cannabis holidays based on relatively little.

For example, the slang 4/20 originated in the early 1970s, among a tight clique of hesh AF Marin County high schoolers; 4:20 was when they met after school to get high. Nearly half a century later, that Cali bro squad’s secret code for “time to get high” has become a ubiquitous slang for stoners nationwide. Honestly, are you even into weed if you don’t have at least one piece of 420 swag?

Bottom line, stoners never needed an excuse to wake and bake, lunch toke, or bong before bed. Yet we continue to invent calendar holidays that celebrate smoking weed, melting dabs, and baking…well, ourselves.

Even with days on the calendar celebrating therapeutic hemp, medicinal cannabinoids, and 710 spelled upside down (OIL Day/Dab Day, a holiday for extractions), no day is more prevalent on the Stoner Holiday Calendar than 4/20. And what better way to celebrate the OG weed holiday than with a 20-day advent countdown full of daily gifts, treats, and consciousness-expanding novelties?

For this year’s 420 festivities, I took inspiration from Portland canna guru Amy Zimmerman (@AmyMothercraft), whose handmade 4/20 Advent Calendar has become an Instagram holiday staple. And this year’s calendar features more than just bite-sized morsels: It’s a next level celebration of small biz and cannabis community that cannathusiasts can appreciate all year long.

Day 1: The Leaf Pipe from Oak and Earth Creations

This artisan ceramic pipe is a skillfully made ergonomic vessel that fits snugly in the palm of your hand and can pass as a bookshelf and/or a bougie endtable decoration. @oakandearthcreations

Day 2: Emerald City Cones from Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers

Beautiful Burns features a heady assortment of artsy, colorful, unique pre-rolled cones. But the Emerald City, with its grassy-green paper and sleek gold filter, feels especially fitting for the holiday. @beautifulburnsdesignercones, @bbdesignercones

Day 3: Cannastyle Stoners in Paris Odor-Proof Designer Pouch

I might have recently used this bag on a cross-country flight. And I may have found it not only highly effective as a smell-proof stash sack, but also cute enough for use as an everyday clutch bag. @cannastyle

Day 4: Buds from Siren Cannabis

Exceptional indoor-grown buds (check out the purps specifically) found at your favorite neighborhood dispensaries. @sirencanna

Day 5: Power Hitter

This relatively simple device holds a full-sized joint in a squeezable plastic container. A touch-free mouthpiece shoots smoke from the joint directly into a user’s mouth when squeezed. No ash, no roach, no mess, no more joints getting wet-lipped by your moist-mouthed homies. @powerhitterco

Day 6: Cheechable

Explorations of our broadening cannabis community are made both accessible and exciting in the culture-capturing zine Cheechable and its diverse community of contributors. @cheechable

Day 7: LOWD Infused Pre-Rolls

A PDX favorite, rolled, infused and ready to put in your Power Hitter and share with the squad on 4/20 at 4:20 (or whenever the time is right). @thelowd.

Day 8: Pink Cloud Beverages

These hella femme, CBD-infused, sparkling, tropical party punch booze alternatives might appear to be exclusively for the Barbie-stoner contingent. But rest assured, they are for everyone, gendered or nah. @pinkcloudbeverages

Day 9: Dab Tray from Blazy Susan

Pioneering creators of the eponymous lazy Susan-style rolling tray, Blazy Susan also makes smaller, less extravagant dab trays with a much smaller but still highly organizational countertop footprint. @blazybrands

Day 10: Blue Dream Strain Illustration by Hemp Hedgehog

Graphic artist Hemp Hedgehog’s online gallery features a vibrant selection of wall-ready art prints celebrating contemporary cannabis culture with millennial-cute, hypercolored designs. @hemphedgehog

Day 11: Weed Mom by Danielle Simone Brand

This paperback guide to cannabis by author Danielle Simone Brand is a fantastic introduction to cannabis therapy for mothers looking for judgment-free, nonpharmaceutical parental stress relief. @daniellesimonebrand

Day 12: Crafted Clay Horror Lighter from Noddities

Either you’re a lighter hoarder or a lighter lifter, but either way, a custom Noddities lighter will be easier to keep around than the nondescript Bic that we’ve all mistakenly stolen at least once. @noddities

Day 13: S’mores Chocolate Bars by Hapy Kitchen

Every advent needs at least a few candies, and Hapy Kitchern’s 100 mg chocolate bars are the hard-hitting, long-lasting, and easily dosed faves of varsity stoners statewide. @hapykitchen_portlandor

Day 14: Prrl Labs Neo Atomizer

This groundbreaking handheld device can turn any contemporary smoke device into a dry herb vaporizer, eliminating combustion smoke, though it works especially well with the Prrl Labs Terp Surfer Pipe. @prrl_labs

Day 15: Mellow Vibes Potcorn

The novelty of infused popcorn is timeless, and Mellow Vibes’ three flavors are all easily sharable, mixable, fun to micro- or macro-dose, and mingle well with other items at the pothead potluck. @mellowvibes.brand

Day 16: Momma Jane’s Resin Cleaner

Smokers open to an alternative to their isopropyl cleaning regimens might appreciate Momma Jane’s nontoxic, all-natural resin removers. A few drops of this cleaner and even your stickiest, stinkiest, most tar-covered glass pieces will shine like new. @mommajanescleaner

Day 17: Royal Rose PDX

For stoners who’ve yet to indulge in a flower petal-wrapped doink, let this year’s 4/20 festivities be your introduction. Smokeable flower petals can add a unique, delicate, and sometimes opulent perfume and aftertaste to your favorite strains without altering the high. @royalrosepdx

Day 18: Cannabis Collage Art Print by Savina Monet

Adorn the walls of your stone zone with an original work by Portland cannaculture luminary (and co-founder of the Cannabis Workers Coalition) Savina Monet, whose cannabis-themed collage works are sumptuous and dazzling pieces of visual art. @savinamonet

Day 19: Junk Tiger Blood Functional Gummies

Junk produces some of Oregon’s most irreverent edibles, from effigies to pop rocks and chocolate-covered Oreos to these classic gummies made with functional fungi and botanicals that elevate an already euphoric and peppy high. Leifgoods.com

Day 20: Sand Castle Hash Co. Temple Ball

Fitting that the advent’s final day itself be celebrated with the most sacred of concentrations: the temple ball, a sphere of hand rolled trichome heads that, when made correctly, can store for a decade or more. And Sand Castle’s variation is 100% worship worthy. Sandcastlehash.com

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