There will be no teams cruising down Mount Tabor in giant hot dogs  or oversized pencils this summer. Just like pretty much every other foreseeable event, the Adult Soapbox Derby has been axed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But organizers won't let a global health crisis completely ruin a classic Portland pastime. They will carry on with a pint-sized version of the race, where entrants compete with souped-up shoeboxes.

Dimension specifications must be met, and contestants must adhere to a budget of no more than $50. But other than that, the sky's the limit on creativity. And for the first time, kids can participate too—so, y'know, keep the theme PG.

Awards will be distributed in multiple categories, including aesthetics and speed. The entry fee is $20.20, and all proceeds go to the event's sponsors, which have been financially affected by COVID-19.

Racing itself is only part of the experience, as anyone who's shlepped a cooler and brown-bagged some tallboys while watching the spectacle unfold can attest. You can still watch the drama of shoeboxes sailing down a miniature version of Tabor via livestream, from 1 to 5 pm Saturday, Aug. 15.