You may have seen my post this morning introducing Cool Stuff Upgraded, a new Cool Stuff subsection about making your life slightly nicer through small improvements. This morning, we kick things off with a tangential upgrade, because good pillows are on sale.

A couple of months ago I upgraded my crappy, dog bed-quality pillows to real, modern adult pillows. These days, they don't stuff 'em with feathers or cotton, but shredded memory foam, which makes them not only ultra soft, but ultra-stable and gently firm. This means better neck support and that they hold their shape, not getting all weird and lumpy after six months like my crappy IKEA pillows. Suffice to say, a memory foam pillow led to a marked improvement in my sleep quality and a notable decrease in head and neck soreness in the morning. As a bonus, they're hypo-allergenic and machine washable.

Today, you can upgrade your sleep with almost 50% off memory foam pillows from Sable. Sable is also hosting a sale on inflatable mattresses, shoe racks and neck massage pillows, until the end of day.

Finally: turn your remote hell into efficiency heaven. (Logitech)
Finally: turn your remote hell into efficiency heaven. (Logitech)

If your home electronics situation is any more complex than "just a TV," you know the feeling of being lost in remote hell. As an example, with a TV, soundbar, PS4 and space fan, I've got four goddamned remotes sitting on the tiny coffee table, and one of them is always lost.

Whip all of that nonsense into one sleek device, one that comes with a charging stand so it never gets lost. Until the end of the day, Logitech's industry leading Harmony Ultimate remote is over 50% off. The Harmony Ultimate not only gets your home entertainment nightmare under control in one device, but also can be used to control smart home devices (compatible with over 5,00 brands) and Amazon's Alexa.

To wrap things up this morning, upscale sportswear brand Lapasa is having a big sale on underwear, undershirts, yoga pants, bras and the like, with savings up to 50% on shirts that'll help you look like a hot dad.

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