Liked WW’s Coffee Issue? Celebrate By Making Some Good Ass Coffee At Home

Today Save $6 on an AeroPress coffee plunger, $10 on OXO's cold brew coffee maker, and get a super-slim wallet in over 15 styles for $11-$14. Also, shop Amazon's smart home month packages through Nov. 23.

Breaking news, everyone: Portland has a lot of good coffee, and you can read about the best of it in our brand new coffee issue. But, it is also possible to make really good coffee at home, and today, you can do just that for cheap. This is a great opportunity because, a) everyone loves and needs coffee; and b) because of (a), good coffee stuff is never on sale.

Aeropress coffee maker, $24 down from $30 until the end of the day

Coffee nerds love AeroPress, and with good reason: It makes really, really good coffee. It kind of works like a slightly more complex French press, but nonetheless easy to use, as explained in this excellent product video which is well worth the one minute watch.

AreoPress kits, which come with the contraption, stirring untensils and 350 filters, are often quite pricey at between $30-$50, but you can get one for a cool $24 until the end of the day. This is a very good deal.

$23.96, Buy From Amazon

32 ounce cold brew coffee maker from OXO, $40 down from $50 until the end of the day

Cold brew: It seems like something only a guy with a beard and a short-roll beanie can make you for $4 at an austere cafe. Actually, it's something you can make yourself at home, quite easily. Save a cool $10 on OXO's cold brew coffee maker, which is techy product review website Wirecutter's favorite cold brew machine.

$39.96, Buy From Amazon

Front-pocket wallets from Travelambo, $11-$14 through the end of the day.

I've got a big, uncouth wallet full of stupid coffee cards and whatnot, and I've been pondering slimming it down to one of those miniature guys for a while now. Through the end of the day, I can do just that for an easy $12, because TravelAmbo has a sale on their minimalist front pocket wallet. Only 0.12″ thick, it comes with six card slots, and you can get them in over 15 colors and styles, with options in leather and carbon fiber (futuristic!). Even better, it's got a built in RFID blocker to protect your credit cards from scoundrels.

$10.39-$13.59, Shop on Amazon

Amazon Smart Home Month deals, through November 23

If you're still thinking about turning your home into a smart home, Amazon's celebrating "smart home month" with a bunch of deals on smart home bundles through the 23rd.

Shop Smart Home Deals

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