OkCupid Says Oregon Has the Most Users Looking for Casual Sex

Hook-up culture isn't dead, you guys!

Just because you, hypothetical reader, are now solidly in your thirties and all you want to do at night is drink a beer and watch Scandal, that doesn't mean everyone in this state is similarly dead.

An infographic-end-of-year-round-up-post from OkCupid, the pre-Tinder king of dating sites, says that of all the states in the union in 2015, Oregon has the highest percentage of users who say they are online looking for casual sex. 15.51 percent of you want that.

Apparently hook-up culture—a top think-piece trend of the last, oh, five years—is still booming (banging? gross!) in Oregon.

Oregon also has a very low number of virgins, according to OkC, which ranks us as 47th out of 50, with only 9.88 percent of our registered users self-reporting as virgins.

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Other interesting items of note on OkC's end-of-year poll include the fact that masturbation is up 18 percent from last year (thanks Obama, FOR BEING SO SEXY), and that the top favorite movie on the site is Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II.

This Mockingjay situation is probably the most disturbing trend reported by OkC, and leads this writer to wonder whether or not the dating site has been completely overrun by teens and parents of teens, or if college students are now so young that Mockingjay is their 10 Things I Hate About You.

But this study is also a good reminder that OkCupid is watching you and recording your likes and dislikes—and that you should probably stick with Tinder, where no one ever has to know before the first date that you watch young-adult movies.

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