28 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now: Part I

Our third annual Reasons to Love Portland.

There has never been a better time to live in Portland.

True, your rent went up, your favorite dive bar closed, and they put up a shiny glass condo with no parking around the corner from your favorite brunch place, which is suddenly overrun. You're justified in feeling a tad cranky.

But look over this year's version of our annual valentine to Portland, and it's pretty clear we're all taking too much for granted.

It seems so crazy, but 12 months ago weed wasn't technically legal. Now, we have a club where cannabis-industry entrepreneurs cut contracts over dabs (reason 7). Last February, we didn't have ride-share services to augment one of the nation's smallest taxi fleets, but now we have two, and you can keep your jammies on and have biscuits from Pine State to Popeyes delivered to your door (reason 11). You can afford to do that, because the phrase "Portland economy" is no longer the setup to a joke—only Silicon Valley saw more new jobs created in 2015 (reason 14). And, soon, you won't be hearing any more dumb jokes about the "Portland economy," because Fred and Carrie have announced an end date for their show (reason 28).

This city is growing, fast—11,845 people moved here between July 2014 and July 2015. It often feels to us like those awkward teenage years, when your skin breaks out, you outgrow shoes before losing tread, and you're so charged up with hormones that your own feelings don't even make sense.

But let us remind you of what wise olds and Bryan Adams told you then: Those teenage years are among the best of your life. Play things right, and you can really enjoy life in this very special little corner of the country. You can get pissed off about a developer cutting down some pine trees, or you can make plans to go see more pine trees than you can ever count on the newly reopened 40-mile trail looping around Mount Hood (reason 23).

What follows is a list of 28 things that make us feel lucky to live in this city right now.

That starts with our excitement about finally getting to put a group of seditionists representing the values shared by much of the middle part of this country on trial, right here in Portland. Don't let the countryfolk drawn to town for the Bundy trial hear you trashing our liberal utopia. When you complain about Portland, the terrorists win.


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