Remember today. Today is the day you meet your new hero, Flossie Dickey.


Flossie Dickey is a woman living in Cheney, Wash., born in Yoncalla, Ore. (down the Willamette Valley, between Eugene and Roseburg), in 1906.

In 1906, there wasn't even a train yet between Seattle, Portland and Spokane. That was constructed in 1907.

On Wednesday, Flossie was interviewed by The Spokesman Review in Spokane about being a "supercentenarian," and her story was picked up by a local TV news crew who decided to put her on camera.

She starts off her interview with one of the most universal phrases of all time: "I am tired."

When the peppy newscaster asks her if she's excited about a big party people are throwing in her honor, she says: "Not one bit."

Other highlights of the interview include Flossie talking about her main hobby, napping, and the moment when she shuts down the obnoxious "What's your secret to living so long?" question by saying: "I don't know. I don't fight it. I live it."

Later, a woman who works at the home where Flossie lives says that Flossie's favorite thing, according to her family, is to "sit down and have some whiskey straight up."

Watch the full video here. #FlossieForPresident2016