Portland Is Literally the Worst Place in the US for Women in Tech

Lady Things Employment Update: If you're a woman in tech, maybe you should move to Washington, D.C.

Portland is great for women who love bespoke ice cream, whimsical stockings and urban farming. It is not, however, a great place for women who want to work in tech.

According to a report produced by SmartAsset, written up in a post on Tech.co, a study which looked at the 58 "cities where the tech workforce was large enough to be statistically significant," determined that Portland is the worst place to be a woman in tech.

Not second worst, not somewhere in the middle of the pack. Dead worst.

"Portland Oregon came in last place," writes Tech.com, "with a gender pay gap of 80.1 percent and only 24 percent of tech jobs filled by women."

That means, if you are a female person in Portland with a tech job, you are making 80.1 percent of what your male counterparts make and feeling very, very lonely in the ladies' room.

Also, unlike your counterparts in other more women-in-tech friendly places, you aren't making a lot of money for your trouble. According to this study, you'll be earning an average of $43,281 after housing costs. And don't expect a promotion. Three-year tech employment growth is 5 percent, according to this study.

For some comparison, in Washington, D.C., the best place to be a woman in tech, women make 99.3 percent of what their male counterparts make, take home $59,704 after housing costs and have 16 percent three-year tech employment growth. And, lucky ladies of D.C., 40.4 percent of tech jobs are filled by women.

Sure, Portland may not be a booming tech city yet but still, these numbers are pretty disheartening for city that prides itself on being so liberal. All we can hope is that one day President Trump passes some sort of equal pay legislation. Fingers crossed ladies!

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