Lauren Bushnell of West Linn, Ore. won the final rose on The Bachelor last night, reminding us all that true love really does exist, if you can fight your way through the weeks of wine spritzers and bikini swim parties with pigs.

Her bubbly-ness and advanced crop-top dress game brought her all the way to the final two of the Hunger Games of Love, but let's be honest, it was probably their Portland date that finally sold him.

Welcome Ben, our newest transplant!

But don't worry too much about JoJo, the Loser at Love, who was announced as the next Bachelorette last night on After the Rose.

Chris Harrison, Love's Henchman, tried to convince Ben and Lauren to get married on the show last night, even flying in Ben's pastor, who spent the whole episode reading his Bible. They decided to veto the public wedding, which may mean wedding bells in West Linn. Here are the best Bachelor Tweets about Portland: