You Can Now Pay to Get Californians Out of Oregon

You can donate to the "Get Californians out of Oregon" GoFundMe page and help send three whole people back to San Diego.

How much do you want Californians to leave the Portland-area? Five dollars much? Ten dollars much? A West Linn resident, formerly of Southern California, is hoping to cash in on Portlanders' perceived hatred of Californians to pay for his move back home.

Earlier this week, Daniel Bullington, 29, started a GoFundMe page called "Get Californians out of Oregon." He's asking for $3,500 to send him, his wife and their 15 month-old daughter (incidentally, an Oregon native) back to their homeland of San Diego. We were alerted by a story on OregonLive.

"I am raising money to get few Californians out of Oregon," says the description on his GoFundMe page. "Donate now and you can eliminate two aggressive drivers, two less people in line at the Screen Door and one home in the rental market. Donate now and help make Oregon green again."

Over email Bullington told us that he really started his GoFundMe just for fun. He and his wife moved to Portland 18 months ago, when his wife was pregnant, with the idea of raising their child somewhere with a good amount of outdoor activities and wildlife. "We have enjoyed numerous things Oregon offers," Bullington wrote. "Whether it be in downtown Portland or hiking in the Gorge."

Now that their friends down south are having more babies though, Bullington and his wife are considering "relocating back to sunny San Diego."

In reality, Bullington says that, besides a few middle fingers before he switched his California plates to Oregon plates, he's never experienced any real anger over his identity as a Californian. In fact, he says, "We really do love so much of Oregon and the first thing we noticed upon moving here was how friendly the people are."

So far the current GoFundMe—he took his first one down after his wife disapproved but then apparently got clearance to put it up again—has only received $15. When asked what he would do with the money if he doesn't get enough to actually move his family, he says, "We will still eventually move and enjoy a nice In-n-Out feast in Medford before crossing back over to the Dark side."