Local Bike Gear for the Portland Spring

Turn turn turn.

Seat Barrel Bag, $132

Doobie Tube, $28

By Walnut, walnutstudiolo.com.


The stylish leather back-of-seat cylinder bag was inspired by the brandy barrels carried by St. Bernard mountain dogs in the Swiss Alps. Surely a design concept this esoteric wouldn't be complete without hand-stitched details featuring "waxed sailmaker's thread on highest quality American vegetable-tanned leather." And for perhaps the most precious cargo you'll transport in your Seat Barrel Bag, the folks at Walnut have produced another elegant adornment you never knew you needed. Their leather and brass "Doobie Tube" spares your joints the embarrassment of public nudity.

Bike Bandanna, $18.50

By Little Lark, etsy.com.

Hand-painted and -printed on organic textiles, these bike bandannas rep your preferred mode of transportation hard.


6-Pack Frame Cinch, $32

By Walnut, walnutstudiolo.com.

Have you ever tried to swing a double-bagged six-pack from one side of your handlebars on your way to the park, with your bike listing hard to one side until a beer falls out? Of course you have—because you understand the spirit of summer. This bad boy lets you strap that sixer right to your crossbar. Genius.


Grocery Pannier, $59

By North St., northstbags.com.

Each of these made-to-order panniers—which sort of look like construction worker vests for your rutabaga—is created out of recycled waterproof materials, including salvaged banner vinyl and truck tarps.


Waterproof Wool Crew Socks, $39

By Showers Pass, showerspass.com.

Waterproof, breathable socks are pretty much the holy grail of socks in Portland. Wool is magic.


The Owl Cage, $20

By Portland Design Works, ridepdw.com.

Owls on T-shirts are so Brooklyn 2003. Now, in 2016? Owls on bikes! The lightweight alloy body of these owl cases screws onto your bike, and its wings keep your water in place.


I Bike PDX Tee, $23

By MatleyInk, etsy.com.

The city's most iconic sign that's not a stag is probably a dude biting hard on MAX or streeetcar tracks–as has just about every rider at least once. Here's the memento, from MatleyInk on Etsy. Matley Ink has a T-shirt design that celebrates both your hometown pride and the fearlessness with which you ride.


Nard Guard, $25

By Black Star, black-star-bags.myshopify.com.

The Portland bike messenger who started Black Star began with a line of handmade waterproof bags. Now the company offers a range of bike products, including nard guards in an array of colors so that your safety doesn't have to interfere with style. Made especially for bike polo riders and others subject to sudden stops, it's a solution to the first problem that occurred to every crotch-sensitive person who's mounted a bike.


Club Convertible 2 Pant, $150

By Showers Pass, showerspass.com.

Rain jackets have their limits; specifically, that limit is the pelvic area. If you've ever finished a bike ride with your soft, unprotected underside completely soaked, you know why you want these lightweight convertible bottoms that fit over your street pants.


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