Nice Rack

*Steel crossbar indicates new power-saw-proof city design with a steel cable in the middle; it takes upward of an hour to saw through.

*Nice, tight bolts grounded to concrete.

*No shrubs blocking visibility of bike.

*Double U-lock, motherfucker.

*Street lamps for night surveillance.

*Busy intersection with plenty of people nearby. Find a Salt & Straw or Voodoo Doughnut!

(Whitney Salgado)
(Whitney Salgado)

Bad Rack

*Nonstandard city racks or private racks with thin metal parts. Never, ever lock up to a street sign.

*Loose or missing bolts on the bottom of rack.

*Behind ground cover like trees or blue Willamette Week boxes.

*Using a cable lock.

*Near a 24 Hour Fitness. For whatever reason, the police department's annual stats show thieves prey on bikes near the Pearl District and Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness. Other spots to avoid: the Burnside Bridge, anywhere downtown, college campuses, Powell's Books, Lloyd Center, the Fred Meyer by Mall 205, and Grant High School.