Obviously, Portland made it onto Thrillist's list of angriest cities in America, ranked by irrationality. Surprisingly though, it only ranked ninth on the frathouse site's list.

What the actual fuck, Thrillist?

Portland was beat out by obvious picks like New York City and Detroit, as well as more peculiar picks like second-place Cleveland and first-place Philadelphia.

Thrillist did make a point of noting Portland's unique form of irrational anger. Unlike the physical anger of Boston and the inescapable anger of New York, Portland "exists as a cauldron of passive aggression."

Yeah, that's certainly one way you could think that this would be, were you the type of person who took that approach. I'm not—we're not—but you could be. It's one way that people are!

Our city's irrational passive aggression, according to Thrillist, stems from those nasty TechBros coming north from San Francisco, the gentrification of our restaurants and stores, local businesses selling out and Portlandia references.

Thrillist definitely hit Portland's online scene on the nose with their closing line about the city: "Of course, people will not tell you these things. They will merely wait until the anger builds and then blog about it, or put it in that note."

Portland's Reddit page has an entire weekly comment thread titled Dear Portland: Weekly Rant Thread where citizens unleash their pent up aggression into the ether. For scope, this week's thread—posted four hours ago—has over 140 comments already, all in capital letters and quite irrationally angry.

San Fran—where those terrible TechBros are migrating from—even beat Portland due to it's housing prices, disgusting traffic and massive homeless issue. Philly stole the number one spot mostly because of its insane sports fandom and pride in itself.

The fact that Portland only made ninth on a list of irrationally angry city sure makes us irrationally angry.