Success is open to interpretation.

For some, it can be defined by scoring a sweet Papa John's deal or catching a level 1,200 Scyther on Pokémon Go.

For career resource site Zippia, success is defined by poverty level, median household income and unemployment rate.

Parsing data from the 2014 American Community Survey for the 76 Oregon cities with more than 5,000 people, the site ranked them.

Here's the top 10:

1. Happy Valley

Population: 15,693

Median Income: $100,438

Poverty Level: 4.0%

Unemployment Rate: 7.5%

2. Sherwood

Population: 18,687

Median Income: $84,360

Poverty Level: 6.2%

Unemployment Rate: 7.5%

3. West Linn

Population: 25,710

Median Income: $83,933

Poverty Level: 5.7%

Unemployment Rate: 8.1%

4. Lake Oswego

Population: 37,310

Median Income: $84,244

Poverty Level: 7.3%

Unemployment Rate: 9.1%

5. Damascus

Population: 10,711

Median Income: $85,708

Poverty Level: 8.4%

Unemployment Rate: 8.9%

6. Sandy

7. Tigard

8. Hillsboro

9. Wilsonville

10. Tualatin

That's right, Happy Valley is the most successful city in Oregon, and Portland is not even in the top 10, falling all the way down at number 27—with a median income of $53,230, 18 percent poverty level and 9.4 percent unemployment rate.

The results of Portland suburbs with well-off reputations are surprising. What's surprising is the number of cities who ranked higher than Portland, who have reputations for being much poorer.

For example, Canby came in at number 17, with a median income of $58,653, 10.8 percent poverty level and 10.3 percent unemployment rate.

Milwaukie came was ranked 23rd, with a median income of $55,827. Just above Portland was Eagle Point, population 8.900, with a $56,597 median income, 13.5 percent poverty level and 12.1 percent unemployment rate. Coming in last was Eastern Oregon town Ontario, with a $26,512 median income, 31.3 percent poverty level and 15.1 percent unemployment rate.

One interesting side note: Of the top 10, only Tigard and Hillsboro have not banned recreational marijuana.

Like I said, we all define success differently.