Now that Pokémon Go has captured the hearts and free time of the public, many businesses and individuals are learning how to profit from it. There are businesses offering deals any time a lure—which attracts Pokemon to a Pokéstop—is active at their establishment, drivers on Craigslist offering ride services and this week only, you can get 20 percent off of any evening Lyft ride going to a Pokéstop.

Through this Friday, Lyft is offering a maximum of $5 discounts per passenger between 5 pm and 10 pm if you are on your way to a Pokéstop. But the ride sharing idea has trickled down from official services like Lyft to individual drivers offering their services on CraigsList.

Many of these drivers are Uber and Lyft drivers opting to offer Pokémon-specific ride packages with hourly rates online. One local Uber driver, Molly Ford, is offering rates starting at $20 per person and bumping down to $13 if three of your friends ride along, too.

Ford says that she has yet to get a response to her Craigslist ad, but has seen other successful examples of Poké shuttles. She says she has seen one shuttle that is decked out in a "yellow Pokémon outfit" driving people around.

Prices on Craigslist are ranging anywhere from $5 to $20/person. Some drivers even have wifi hotspots that you can pay a little extra to use. So, if you're tired of training in the Portland metro area, consider hitting up one of these Poké-specific ride options to get out to Beaverton or Tigard and expand your collection.