Portland's favorite unicycle-Darth Vader-bagpipe guy (also known as Brian Kidd, aka the Unipiper) has decided that Star Wars is finally out. Now, it's Pokémon.

And by performing in Pokémon drag in front of a BikeTown rack and an inexplicably closed sidewalk, he's also managed to create sweaty performance art that's the spirit of Portland summer 2016.

The Unipiper nonetheless looks a little shaky as he plays the Pokemon theme song on his flaming bagpipes while dressed as Charmander. It looks like balancing on a Pokeball is a little more challenging than his usual one-wheeled seat—and there's a bit of a touchy moment with the flames near the end.

The Pokemon performance is just another piece in the piper's busy summer. Just two weeks ago, he payed "Chariots of Fire" on his bagpipes while unicycling down a track to celebrate the Olympics.