There Is Now Better Footage of That Time Oregon Blew Up a Whale With Dynamite

You can now watch a high-quality version of one of Oregon's all-time biggest blubbers.

On November 12, 1970, the Oregon Department of Transportation blew up a dead whale that had washed up on a Florence beach. In what was called a "controlled explosion," they used a half-ton of dynamite. It didn't go well. Chunks of dead whale blubber ended up all over both bystanders and the beach, flying out as far as a nearby parking lot where the flying flesh severely damaged at least one car. The decision to publicly dynamite an enormous mammal has become one of Oregon's all-time most bizarre moments.

Luckily, local news anchor Paul Linnman was on the scene, creating one of our state's most memorable evening news segments, which KATU recently rebroadcast.

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The quality is much higher than the original Youtube version, allowing you crystal clear footage of the thudding sound of whale chunks dropping. (The good stuff starts at 2:45).

Here's the original for comparison:

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