Every Thursday, hipster Santa will be at Pioneer Place, sitting on his PDX carpet throne wearing his red flannel and big sweater. He's also got a 'lil bun, a typewriter, Naughty/Nice tats and black low-top Converse.

(@travelportland Instagram)
(@travelportland Instagram)

He'll be one the first floor of Pioneer Place in the same atrium as the Regal Cinemas every Thursday from noon to 8 pm. On December 22, his hours extend to 9 pm.

Of course, not everyone likes hipster santa.

But despite the hate Hip Santa gets on social media, there's something undeniably not creepy about him. This is a Santa who might even get away with having grown women sit on his lap, unlike this vibe:

And maybe, he'll meet up with you at Punch Bowl Social after.

Also in this season: a hipster Nativity set, which appears to show the three wise men as strangely dressed Segway-riding Amazon deliverymen. At least Joseph is barefoot, which is probably accurate.